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21 Jun
A New Marketing Strategy for the Florida Citrus Industry

In the mid-eighties the dairy industry tried to convince us that milk was good for you. Some of you may remember the “milk does a body good” television campaign proclaiming the health benefits along with the belief that milk could build strong bones. Apple founder Steve Jobs said it best: “Marketing is about values. This

07 Jun
What Agri Marketers Can Learn from Anti-Drug Ad Campaigns

Beginning the late eighties the federal government spent millions of dollars over a two decade period on anti-drug ad campaigns aimed at young people.  Many of us will remember the famous “This is your brain on drugs” frying-egg ad.  The campaign continued for many years highlighted by a 2002 Super Bowl commercial.  The campaign finally

31 May
7 Creative Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Agri Business

The legendary marketer and founder of Apple Computer Steve Jobs once remarked “ We have always been shameless about stealing ideas.” Here are seven creative promotional ideas that with a little imagination could be recycled for your agri business.   And God Made a Farmer – Ram Trucks This TV spot for Ram Trucks aired in

16 May
A Marketing Lesson from Old Jim Young

Jim Young was a legendary New York ad executive who owned an apple orchard in New Mexico. The vast majority of his crop was sold by mail. Ads for Old Jim Young’s Mountain Grown Apples ran in popular magazines in the 1950’s with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. One year a bad hail storm damaged the