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09 Apr
Owning Versus Renting Ranch Land

Large tracts of ranch land are one of the biggest requirements for a successful cattle operation, and that invariably opens up the timeless debate of whether it’s more beneficial to own or rent your pasture. Some cattle operators in Florida choose to take the “rent” path, and for good reason. However, before you completely disregard

09 Apr
Don’t Forget This as Part of Preconditioning Beef Calves

April generally starts the spring working season when cows and calves undergo vaccinations and parasite control.  If you’re not planning on doing so, make sure deworming your beef calves is part of the process. Research proves a good parasite-control program leads to weight gains and improved overall health, and that deworming should get as much

09 Apr
Financial Tips for Growing Your Agricultural Business

Given the success many ranchers and farmers have experienced over the past few years, we often hear of families or organizations looking to expand their agricultural business.   Many factors go into making sound financial decisions about your farm or other operation, which today include concerns like: increasing land values, higher interest rates on equipment

09 Apr
Psyllid Problem or Soil Problem?

In the last decade, Florida citrus has been devastated by the Asian citrus psyllid.  Since 2005, this non-native insect has spread a bacterial disease (citrus greening) throughout the citrus industry in all Florida and now to Alabama, Texas, and California.  The economic loss has been estimated by the University of Florida to be well over

09 Apr
Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)

Contagious equine metritis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Taylorella equigenitalis.  Unless you are importing horses or semen from other countries, Contagious equine metritis (CEM) shouldn’t be a concern. CEM does not exist in the United States, but preventing its entry is important and requires some stringent rules to be enforced.  All

09 Apr
Hunting Facts on Wild Hogs

Wild hogs are the second most popular hunting game in Florida (second only to the white-tailed deer), but you may be surprised to learn that these hogs that are so common throughout the state are not native to the area.  In fact, no real pigs or hogs are indigenous to North America.  Hogs came to this continent

09 Apr
Before the Hot Florida Summer, There’s April — and a Lot To Do Outdoors

Our early Spring and late Winter weather were turned upside down this year. February felt like March and  March felt like February except with mid-70 and 80-degree temperatures and drier weather. However, April is here and it is one of the better months to be outside and working in a Central Florida lawn and garden.

09 Apr
FATA — Great Opportunity for Florida Ag Operators

THERE’S A GRAND OPPORTUNITY in Florida for every farmer, rancher, grower, or forester with an open mind and a willingness to make a modest investment. It’s an opportunity to maximize the value of every acre you own and/or manage. How is this possible? It’s possible — actually, more probable than possible — with a first

09 Apr
The Cold Standard: Exceeding Regulations

In last month’s column, we began a discussion about our efforts in supporting the cold-chain supply lines between our customers and the cruise lines in the Caribbean islands.  I’m going to pause on this subject because we just received the formal renewal certification of our British Retail Consortium-International (BRC-I) Audit for Storage & Distribution, conducted

14 Mar
Nutrition Farming, the Future of Agriculture

The future of agriculture is now.  Over the last 70 years, farmers have been taught to farm using monoculture, fumigants, expensive high salt fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and now antibiotics to grow our crops.  Under this system, we have unknowingly lost our soil’s natural ability to defend itself. Year after year of using these methods has