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A Strong, Yet Flexible Link in the Cold-Supply Chain

An exceedingly strong link in the food cold-supply chain can be a flexible one as well.  That’s what a multi-temperature public refrigerated warehousing business can provide for its customers— flexibility in the kinds of perishable products it can safely accept, store, and help to distribute. Our business, Adams Cold Storage (ACS) in Auburndale, is one

Minerals, Microbes, and a Food Source: The History of Compost

The principles and benefits of composting can be traced back to the beginning of time.  Nature has always demonstrated the benefits of using death to restore life.  In addition to being mentioned many times in the Bible, composting was also written about by the Greeks, Romans, and Israelites.  It was written about coming out of

Protecting Yourself and Your Horse from Rabies

Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in all mammals.  Humans and animals can become infected through the bite of an infected animal.  Rabies is endemic in wildlife such as bats, raccoons, and foxes.  While these animals do transmit the disease, dogs, cats, and even horses can become infected through the

Fostering a Healthy Wildlife Population

Few people understand the needs of the land and wildlife like hunters do.  After all, without healthy ecosystems, game populations dwindle, and hunting becomes impossible.  If you are a property owner looking to foster a healthy wildlife population on your plot of land, here are some reminders that will be helpful in your efforts: Plant

Garden Tips: Before Spring Makes its Grand Entrance

It’s February, which means it’s planting time in your garden.  Get busy by putting your tender annuals in the ground now, as well as fertilize your fruit and shade trees. Before you go plant-crazy for the impending spring season, however, you’ll want to have your soil pH checked.  Most plants like a pH of 5.5

Ag Tax-Cut Package for Florida Agriculture Proposed

Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage to Florida agriculture in the first half of September 2017.  Damages to Florida agriculture by Hurricane Irma were estimated to be around $2.5 billion, with sectors like citrus, the nursery industry, cattle, and sugar hit the hardest.  Growers and producers are awaiting federal disaster relief, but The Florida

Top 3 Conclusions from the USDA ERS 2017 Report on America’s Diverse Family Farms

by DON HARDEN As a family farmer myself, the status of the family farm and its impact on the future of agriculture is not lost on me.  With the average age of farmers on the rise, family farms are also the focus of USDA’s Economic Research Service’s (ERS) recently released a report on the subject:

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Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for a Great Year

Now that the New Year has arrived, it’s time to make some plant and garden resolutions that will add life to your outdoor space.  Here are the gardening tips for the month of January to get your lawn and garden started off the right way. One of the first things to do is fertilize Bermuda

Little Known Facts About IQF

Much of the USA began 2018 on an extremely cold and icy footing, quickly bringing to mind Disney’s “Frozen,” the highly popular animated film.  At Adams Cold Storage (ACS), we’re blessed with the opportunity to make a living in the real world of frozen and to do our part to secure critical links in the

Soil Health and Your Grove

We need a paradigm shift in agriculture.  I know that’s a bold statement, but let me tell you a quick story about why I feel this way.   Over the holidays, I had the pleasure of touring citrus groves in Avon Park.  What I witnessed was a beautiful landscape and a proud agricultural community.  I