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17 Oct
Is the Citrus Commodity Due for a Comeback this Harvest?

As the Industry Prepares to Hear the First USDA Florida Citrus Crop Estimate in Early October, Experts Are Marking Their Own Predictions by PATRICK SPINOSA It’s no secret that Hurricane Irma had a devastating effect on the 2017-2018 Florida citrus harvest. After Irma plowed through the center of the state, making landfall on September 10,

19 Sep
Along with Harvest Season Comes Flu Season

by Guerson Guerrier, MD Last year’s flu season was one of the worst outbreaks we have seen in a long time. Traditionally, flu season in Central Florida starts around September, picks up speed in October, and then peaks around January. However, the 2017-18 outbreak of influenza hit early, hit hard, and lasted well into the

14 Sep
Benefits of Food Plots on Your Recreational Land

Hunting, whether enjoyed solely by the landowners’ family and friends or if the landowner hosts hunts on his private property to bring in supplemental income, is a longstanding cultural way of life for the rural and farming family. The state of Florida is known for the wide range of animals available to hunt. The animals

14 Sep
ACS – A Global Connection

All the ongoing news reports about foreign trade, tariffs, and the related political maneuverings in Washington and capital cities around the world have us thinking about trade, too. That would be the international trade that comes right through our warehouse doors here at Adams Cold Storage in Auburndale. It really is interesting to consider the

14 Sep
Pay Off Debt, Refinance, or Keep It?

The term “debt” often has a negative connotation.  Many business owners or farmers I meet with aim to be completely debt-free, or couples looking to retire soon, want to have their home mortgage paid off prior to retirement.  Why? Should we be debt-free? There can certainly be a “peace of mind” factor that comes with

14 Sep
How to Manage Your Horse In Rainy Weather

There has been a lot of rain this summer in Central Florida and there’s a feeling it could be close to a record.   When it rains, humans have many ways to escape it — like ducking into a vehicle, a house, or an office building — but what about our grazing horses in the

14 Sep
Back to Basics – What Nutrients Are Essential?

Did you know there are 17 essential elements? Without any one of these essential elements, some aspect of plant development will suffer, and no other nutrient can make up for the deficient element. The first group of essential elements are the non-mineral elements—hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. These elements account for the majority of the dry

14 Sep
Benefits of Keeping Cattle Cool

A recent UF/IFAS study revealed that heat and agitation has an impact on meat and milk production in our cattle. Cooler cows maintain a lower body temperature, and having cooler dispositions allows for increased meat and milk production when compared to cows who are hot and agitated. Raluca Mateescu, an associate professor of animal sciences

14 Sep
Hunting Wild Hogs

Hunting is a favorite pastime in Florida, and the second-most popular, large animal hunted in Florida is the wild hog, also called wild boars, wild pigs, and feral pigs. Second in popularity behind only the White-tailed deer, wild hogs are so popular with hunters due to two factors: the prevalence of the animal and the

14 Sep
Getting in the Gardening Game with a Good Offensive Plan for Your Plants

Football isn’t the only thing that kicks off in September; so does our fall gardening season.  Now is the time to think differently about your garden and landscape’s health. It’s time to plant annual flowers and vegetable plants.  Also, if you’re looking to transplant any trees and shrubs, now is a good time. Here are