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16 May
Lessons Learned from the Family Farming Tradition

It’s a tradition that no doubt will continue and keep agriculture going strong. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK in agriculture, there are stories of the strength of our country’s family farming traditions. Whether it’s a story of two daughters continuing their late father’s legacy on the family ranch or the lessons learned on a five-generation cattle and

16 May
Don’t Let Small Problems with Your Horse Turn into Big Problems

ALL HORSES require regular maintenance and preventive care for the best possible health. As a horse owner it is your responsibility to provide regular health care for your horse. Fortunately, many equine health problems can be prevented or minimized with regular wellness care and/or treatment by a qualified veterinarian. Four key areas of health-care concern

16 May
Hunger: The Preventable Tragedy

WHAT DID YOU have to eat today? Maybe some toast and eggs for breakfast, or a bowl of cereal. Maybe you skipped breakfast and had a big lunch. Dinner might range from a light salad to a hearty steak and potatoes meal. Whatever it was, we’re sure you were grateful for what you had.

15 May
Citrus Greening Research Highlights Cooperation and Women in Ag Leadership

CITRUS GREENING has been at work for more than a decade in Florida citrus groves, and the devastation it has brought to the Sunshine State’s citrus industry is enormous. Citrus greening also threatens the citrus industries of other citrus-growing states; the pathogen was detected in residential citrus in California in 2012 and 2017. The best

15 May
Maintaining the Cold Supply Chain in the Caribbean

IN MARCH’S COLUMN, I began a discussion of the Adams Cold Storage (ACS) Caribbean connection — its link to the cruise liner industry and food exporting to the islands in the region. That link is the role ACS plays in the cold supply chain that helps to keep many cruise ships and some of the

15 May
Florida Agriculture Is Putting Up Big Numbers

I’VE SAID IT BEFORE, but it merits repeating: Florida agriculture is big. Make that HUGE. It’s huge in scope, in numbers, and importance — importance not only to those of us fortunate to live here but also to people across the nation and around the world.

09 Apr
Owning Versus Renting Ranch Land

Large tracts of ranch land are one of the biggest requirements for a successful cattle operation, and that invariably opens up the timeless debate of whether it’s more beneficial to own or rent your pasture. Some cattle operators in Florida choose to take the “rent” path, and for good reason. However, before you completely disregard