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How to treat a cut or skin irritation on goat or sheep

Behavioral changes in your goat or sheep sometimes can indicate a recent injury or skin laceration. To help you recognize behavioral changes, here are a few signs to look for: a decrease in feed intake; personality and social changes, such as being less responsive and isolated; and sometimes the reverse also is a sign of

Land management needs in the grove

As you know, there is a lot of uncertainty in the Florida citrus industry these days. Several factors have growers shaking their heads and wondering what the immediate future may hold. One specific issue is the current supply and demand for citrus nursery trees. Ensuring that your inventory is ready and at the level it

Publisher Letter: Small farms and businesses — a mainstay of America

Independently owned small businesses are a vital ingredient to the economy of our country, and their survival — as well as their success – is imperative. These companies are one of the primary reasons the United States is the beacon of hope and freedom. Particularly, farmers who operate small farms qualify as one of the

Early planning for prescribed burns

We have talked before about the need for prescribed fire as a tool in land management. I know it seems a little early, as we are in the middle of the rainy season, but it is never too early to plan ahead and ensure a successful autumn and beyond.

Electronic timekeeping for harvesting labor

As we start to think about the upcoming harvesting season for citrus and other crops, it’s time to start planning ahead. Along with keeping accurate records, filling the labor requirements to pick our state’s crops is becoming more challenging. Whether you have domestic or H2A workers, the problem for growers is ensuring accurate records for

Taking a look at contractors and vendors

Last month we put the spotlight on the staff that helps your business run on a daily basis. This time we will dig a little deeper into your business and address those individuals who are equally important to its success. Take some time this month to assess whether the contractors or vendors you utilize are

Editor’s Blog: Looking at the BIGGER picture of small farms

IN THIS (AUGUST 2012) EDITION of Central Florida Ag News, we’ve given some special attention to small farms and those commodities that can really help the “little guy” get ahead in a big world. Our cover story presents two hot up-and-coming crops in Florida agriculture; and our AgriLiving feature presents an interesting trend in bringing

Simple steps for assessing staff needs

Last month we discussed the importance of attracting and keeping your customers. Now let’s take a look at those individuals on the front line of your business whom you depend on to make your patrons happy and eager to return. A good staff member can make all the difference in the world in both positive

Cautions on fungus in your lawn

This time of year brings us heavy rain and some very hot temperatures. A combination of this kind usually causes fungus in many lawns to flare up dramatically. It’s important to take the correct steps to stop the spread as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t fertilize a fungus, as it will only make