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15 Oct
Lawn and garden tips to remember for fall

Now that some cooler temperatures are on the horizon, it’s time to go over the gardening tips for the month of October. We’ve got some great guidelines to help keep your lawn and garden looking healthy during the changing season.

15 Oct
How new technologies can make your job easier

DURING THE YEAR we have talked about cloud computing, the use of tablet computers in agriculture, and vein readers and facial recognition as emerging technologies for harvesting data collection. [emember_protected custom_msg=”Click here and register now to read the rest of the article!”] Well, technologies don’t always pan out, as is the case with vein readers

15 Oct
Equine wellness programs, Part II

PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE for horses treats the animal at its peak health and aids the owner in having a knowledgeable grasp of their horse’s physical and behavioral traits. Our Equine Wellness Programs are an essential and beneficial tool in maintaining the health and wellness of your horse. The program options fit the individual needs of

15 Oct
Your landscape: At home and in the grove

As we enter the fall and winter months here in Central Florida, now is the time to put some focus on the things that need to be done at home and in the groves. Here are a few essential practices that will keep your home and business running smoothly through winter and into spring.

10 Oct
Publisher Letter: More on the sweet spot for Florida agriculture

THE ANNUAL AGRITECHNOLOGY EDITION of Central Florida Ag News is here! If you’ve ever been within earshot when I’m talking about Florida’s agritechnology sector, you may have heard me use terms like Florida’s economic “sweet spot.” Agriculture is such a big economic driver for Florida (about $100 billion big, to be specific), which is why

15 Sep
Publisher Letter: Quality time with the family

READING ABOUT ALL THE GREAT ways to enjoy Florida definitely gives me the itch to get outdoors! In the Kirkland family, to say we are water enthusiasts would be an understatement. My wife, Dot, and I are both Certified Advanced Scuba Divers. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to dive

15 Sep
A citrus thief in our midst

THERE IS NO DOUBT that these tough economic times seem to be affecting just about every industry in the country. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and putting in extra hard work, however, some individuals choose the path of dishonor and disgrace. Across Polk County, there recently has been a surge in thefts of orange

15 Sep
Editor’s Blog: Wrapped up in the pages of this R&R edition

I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE it’s September already! Imagine, less than three months from now, we’ll be hanging up the mistletoe and wrapping presents that we plan to present to loved ones on Christmas day. Before I get too far ahead of myself, however, we’ve got some great stories wrapped up for you in the pages

15 Sep
Covering the bases with an equine wellness program

HORSES, AS WELL AS HUMANS, benefit from preventative medicine. It is often a better practice to enlist a preventative health-care program with your veterinarian rather than resorting to corrective treatment. That’s why at Polk Equine, we offer the Equine Wellness Program with the highest quality preventative care.