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15 May
What a tradeshow can do for your agribusiness

IT OCCURS TO ME that anyone in business, be it a grower or supplier, stands to gain valuable knowledge by attending tradeshows. There is a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects all under one roof. Whatever you need to research and explore, a tradeshow is the perfect place to be.

15 May
When is it best to reinvest in your land?

THERE IS an old saying that goes, “If you cheat the farm, the farm will cheat you.” We are certainly going through some terrible economic times, but I believe that we often get distracted when dealing with general news media and only see the negative articles. The truth is that very positive things are happening

15 May
CFMG Publisher Letter: One great edition leads to another

THIS EDITION, we’ve got a whole lineup of great stories about women and their diverse roles in the driving economic force that is Florida agriculture. I particularly enjoyed the story about April Miller on PAGE 18 (of our print edition) and Suzanne Churchwell on PAGE 27. These women are not just wives, and moms, and