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Looking to the Soil for Solutions in the Fight Against Greening On 15 acres at Howey-in-the-Hills in Lake County, a citrus grove once abandoned by its owner has new life, witnesses say.  Hamlin orange trees with obvious symptoms of greening are growing healthy, new leaves. “My goal was just to make a perfect, healthy living

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Adding Citrus to Your Summertime Cookout We have determined that every day is cookout day in Central Florida. And Central Florida citrus is a natural flavor for barbecues. But when the trees are bare, we have to turn to juices and jams to keep the home fires tasty. Frozen orange juice concentrate, invented in the

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Preserving Our Way of Life With more than 1,000 people moving to Florida every day, we must continue to prioritize the preservation of our agricultural lands and world-renowned natural spaces.

Recipe Spotlight: Favorite Recipes that Paint Your Plate Blue

WE HAVE HAD A LOT OF FUN cooking and eating Central Florida blueberries since I first wrote about them in Central Florida Ag News in 2011. We have more berries now, thanks to adventurous Florida farmers who plant, prune, and pluck larger acreages every year. This season, for all “in tents and porpoises” (couldn’t resist

Recipe Spotlight: It’s easy cooking green

  For good health and good rating, snap the beans and boil the collards FARM-GROWN GREEN THINGS are good for you. There’s a generalization you can take to the bank. Other colored foods are equally good, but today’s focus is on green. If you had a short nap, you might have missed the two hours

Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Just for wounded veterans

TWO AMERICAN SOLDIERS sustained significant injuries across the street from one another, a year apart, while serving in Fallujah, Iraq. Years later, chance brought these two American heroes together while on a hunting trip with Operation Outdoor Freedom, where they realized their shared Falluja experience sitting around a campfire.

Recipe Spotlight: There’s citrus you can pair with that

ONE OF THE JOYS of living in Central Florida is just-picked citrus. We had citrus in the Great White North but it was an imported treat. Grapefruit was often picked too early and made no friends because it was still sour. Florida also has plenty of other fruits that can pair with citrus to expand