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15 Sep
@griTech: Hunting tools of the 21st century

WHILE HUMAN BEINGS have been hunting since the dawn of creation, the ways this sacred rite is performed are worlds apart from early hunters and gatherers. With the introduction of technology into our lives, there are many ways we can now be safer and better prepared while on the hunt. These tools are no farther

15 Aug
Recipe Spotlight: Proper Pomegranate Procedure 101

Pomegranates might have been the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, but since no one in the real First Family left a grocery list of things to eat and not eat, we really don’t know for sure. We do know, however, that they are a lot more challenging to prepare than apples. Pomegranates are

15 Jul
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Florida should be in control of its own future

In the photos: Left, Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon; center, Blue Spring State Park near Orange City; right, a creek lined with grass in the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest near Lake Wales. A ruling from an independent administrative law judge last month in support of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) proposed water quality

15 Jun
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: A spoonful of facts and forecasts for Florida blueberries

WHILE MANY OTHER industries have suffered during difficult economic times, Florida agriculture remains one of the strongest pillars in the state’s economy and continues to grow. During the last year, Florida agriculture grew by $150 million in cash receipts, creating an additional 5,000 jobs for Floridians and generating $20 million in tax revenues.

15 Jun
Publisher Letter: Getting the blueberries off the bush

While many things in the world of agriculture have changed over the past year, several of the issues that have arisen while dealing with labor needs have remained the same. This is especially true for the Florida blueberry industry. So, let’s examine some of the crucial topics and how they have evolved over the past

28 Aug
Florida Roots: The Latt Maxcy Heritage

In the city of Frostproof, The Friendly City, Latimer Maxcy established one of the largest land holdings in the state with one of the most influential citrus groves and substantial ranches. Latt, affectionately remembered as such, was born in Columbia, South Carolina on November 7, 1887.  His family relocated to Florida in 1895, when shortly