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17 Jan
Upcoming 2019 UF/IFAS Horse Workshop

Spreading Equine Knowledge by MATT NORMAN Horses are beautiful and powerful animals. For a great many years the relationship between horses and humans has been strong. While horses are capable of great work and are often kept for the work they can due, they are so much more than simple beasts of burdens. For many

11 Dec
Innovations in the Food Supply Chain Help Keep Our Food Safe

by TERESA SCHIFFER Technology is omnipresent in modern society, and with it we have seen monumental improvements across many sectors of industry. We can track the pizza we ordered, monitor work floors, and communicate with friends and coworkers around the world. It only stands to reason that new technology would also affect our food supply

11 Dec
New Tool Helps Growers with Postbloom Fruit Drop Challenges

by MARY TOOTHMAN Postbloom fruit drop can appear explosively in a bad season, seemingly infecting every flower on a tree. A new forecasting system — a web tool to help growers control postbloom fruit drop — has been developed by University of Florida experts.  Growers have with online tools available to help determine the best times

11 Dec
Florida Polytechnic’s Intelligent Garden Could Be the Future of Ag

by J.P. SMITH In the heart of Florida, through the pulsing strip of the the High-Tech Corridor, is the renowned STEM college, Florida Polytechnic University.  It is the home of the award winning and one of the 16 “Most Breathtaking” Buildings, the iconic Innovation, Science and Technology (IST) Building. The unique location of FL Poly

11 Dec
New State-Of-The-Art World Equestrian Center Coming Soon

by TIM CRAIG A massive multi-use equestrian facility is sprouting up on over 3,000 acres in northwest Marion County, and its growth may solidify the county’s and Ocala’s billing as “Horse Capital of the World.” The World Equestrian Center Ocala, reportedly set for a 2019 opening, is a state-of-the-art development that includes sports and recreational

26 Nov
A Cut Above

Local Family-Owned Business Puts Quality Craftsmanship in Every Blade Made In a shop out back on Hickory Hammock Road in Lake Wales, a family business is thriving. Stephenson Knives creates knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. Three generations are working together to hand-craft these unique blades for a variety of purposes. Shawn

26 Nov
New Adventures at Haines City High School

By Abby Crawford Every school year is different from the year before. Changes to curriculum, new policies, upgraded facilities, new alpacas…..wait, what? That’s exactly what happened this year for FFA members in the Haines City Senior FFA Chapter.  At the close of the 2017 – 2018 school year, the chapter received six alpacas to start

26 Nov
The Art of Cattle Handling

Q & A with Local Livestock Agent on Florida Cattle by Tim Craig Laura H. Bennett is the Multi-County Livestock Agent for Pasco, Sumter, and Hernando counties. She shared her expertise in cattle handling at the 2018 Alvin C. Warnick Reproductive Management School in Manatee County in early November. In between sessions, she sat down

26 Nov
Father and Daughter’s Passion for Agriculture Highlighted in their Artwork

By Erika Aldrich They say the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and in Central Florida that usually means you have cattle ranching in your DNA. That’s true for Kayla and her father Waters, but it also means the cattle ranch finds its way into their artistic expressions. Mr. Waters runs cow-calf operations