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22 Oct
Fall-ing for Central Florida AgriTourism!

It’s fall y’all! This is my favorite time of the year. The weather is in the low 90’s, time to break out the sweaters, right? In all seriousness, the cooler weather makes for perfect weekend adventures with family and friends. What better way to spend the day than on a farm? Corn mazes have been

22 Oct
Agricultural Crimes Unit Protects Polk’s Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

by TERESA SCHIFFER Here in Polk County, agriculture is big business. Nearly half of Polk’s land area is devoted to agriculture, which is over half a million acres. This usage accounts for about 25% of the county’s business revenue. This includes citrus groves, aquaculture, cattle ranches, and more. With such a large percentage of the

22 Oct
Living with Greening, Citrus Growers Still Expecting Good Crop

Florida’s citrus growers are expecting a decent crop this year after learning work arounds for citrus greening disease. What growers are relying on is a toolbox of remedies, among them boosting nutrition, newer greening-resistant varieties, and growing trees under cover. “Citrus greening is still a big issue. Growers have learned to manage it. They’re doing

22 Oct
Equine Rescue Groups Gather to Network and Learn

At Hope Equine Rescue Group, as many as 40 neglected horses are taken in and cared for each year, and eventually placed in good homes. President Dani Horton says the group, which she founded about four years ago, runs on donations and volunteer efforts. Sharing and gathering information from other rescue groups is a great

16 Oct
Growing the Future of Agriculture

Polk County Ag Teacher and Program of the Year Announced These days Florida is most known for citrus, thousands of miles of white sandy beaches, and, of course, amusement parks. However, many of the original settlers to move into Florida were actually ranchers. They were much more interested in land for their cattle than in

18 Sep
Helpful Tips for a Beautiful Backyard Pond

By Grace Boggess There are plenty of renovations that can be quick and easy which can turn your regular backyard into a beautiful relaxation area. Backyard ponds can help improve the overall habitat of various animals in your area, such as various insects, birds, and of course – your fish! A pond can really add