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The impact of Tropical Storm Debby

Caption: On June 27, 2012, the flooding in some areas of Florida was 3 to 4 feet deep, as shown in the photos here. | Assessing the potential devastation to Florida agriculture | In late June, Tropical Storm Debby stalled over Apalachicola Bay for more than 24 hours, unloading several inches of rain on Florida’s

DOs and DON’Ts for when your horse gets startled

A horse can startle, spook, or shy from a surprising or strange sight, smell, or sound based on his characteristic reactivity. There are many facets that contribute to the severity of a horse’s reaction, such as the temperance of breed, personality, experiences, trainer or owner management, and medical conditions.

Getting the right breed at the right time

| One rancher’s life pursuit to stay on top of Florida’s cattle commerce while meeting consumer demand | Keeping up with the cattle commerce and pleasing consumers is an ongoing challenge for Florida’s rancher, thus making his paycheck defenseless. What breed brought the highest price the last two or three years may not be the

@griTech: Colony Collapse Disorder causing concern for apiaries

It is estimated by experts that the U.S. honeybee industry is responsible for pollinating almost $15 billion worth of crops each year. This important little bee is an essential part of Florida’s precious ecosystem. Much of the food we eat depends on the health and vitality of these little honeybees. That is why the discovery

The latest story on Mr. Story

| Recognized for putting the world of Florida citrus above himself | Here at Central Florida Ag News, we would like to take a moment to congratulate one of the most dedicated gentleman to represent our state’s citrus industry. Florida Grower has named Mr. Victor “Vic” Story, Jr., the 2012 Citrus Achievement Award winner. Sponsored

Quinn Carter an exhibitor to be reckoned with

High school student has Brangus in the blood Quinn Carter grew up barrel racing, hunting with her father, and enjoying her days on the family’s ranch, Rafter Double C. It wasn’t, however, until her neighbor, Lindsey Chism, invited her to a Future Farmers of America competition that Quinn became interested in showing Brangus. “Before, I

A lifelong career with Florida agriculture

In the photo: At the Polk County Farm Bureau Harvest Celebration, Ray Crawford, left and in inset photo, receives an award from PCFB President Les Dunson for his many years of service to the Farm Bureau. Ray Crawford on ‘retired’ life after the Florida Farm Bureau USUALLY, THE PHRASE “hit the ground running” is used

Warning signs of heat stress in horses

| Recognize the symptoms and know what to do | “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising …” that your equine might be suffering from heat stress. Just as we need to keep ourselves well hydrated and cool, we also need to care for our equines in

A lifelong career with Florida agriculture

Ray Crawford on ‘retired’ life USUALLY, the phrase “hit the ground running” is used to describe how an employee begins a new job. However, in this instance, Ray Crawford recently retired and those four words easily describe how he’s handling his golden years. “It’s going to take me years to catch up on all my

Agribiz: Beekeepers learn the value of stings

Apitherapy on the table at the May 2012 Beekeeping Seminar YOU WOULD THINK everyone would want to avoid being stung by bees – especially with the proliferation of more vicious Africanized bees in Florida. But bee stings, or rather bee venom, can be a good thing. Just ask Robert Messineo.