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15 Dec
Cultivating the Land and the Heart

Service to the Community On and Off the Groves Their workplaces are the groves of Central Florida, caring for the land that supplies the local and national communities with fresh fruit. But service to the community doesn’t stop at the groves, instead spreading to volunteering for farming organizations, county boards, and local charter schools.

15 Nov
Embracing the Majestic Beauty of Horses

Equine Artist Mary Verrandeaux Uses Her Horse-Show Background and Love of Animals to Bring Her Animal-Inspired Portraits to Life Capturing each unique personality is what equine artist Mary Verrandeaux of Ocala tries to achieve with her portraits of horses, other animals, and sometimes people. “With any portrait you really want to capture the personality, such

15 Nov
Introduction to Featured Artists

Chad Anderson: Watching the Prairie Disappear “In this photo I was seeking to capture the reflection of the prairie in the cow’s eye as it watches the range disappear. Cattle are the ultimate symbol for ranching, which represents a way of life, an important ecosystem, and much more that is being lost due to economic

15 Nov
Chad Anderson: Working to Preserve Natural Florida

By day, Chad Anderson is a biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Florida Keys. By night and on weekends, he is a conservation photographer. In both jobs, he works to preserve Florida’s wildlife heritage. “Conservation and Florida, those are my passions,” says Anderson, who was born in St. Petersburg and raised

15 Nov
Susan Harrell and Almost Famous LeatherWorks

Crafting a Pioneer Art with a Modern-Day Look “There’s just something special about a custom creation. It is all about you,” says Susan Harrell, owner and leathersmith of a home-based business, Almost Famous LeatherWorks. “It says, ‘I am unique and what I like matters.’ ” Harrell’s goal is to provide quality products to her customers

15 Oct
Modern tools for monitoring your equine’s health

Equines communicate through various physical and behavioral signs. From the position of the ears to nervous nibbling and gait are all signals that indicate their emotions or physical well being. Your horse is always trying to tell you something. Are you ready to hear what your horse has to say? There is new technology available

15 Oct
A trio of excellence in teaching

| Polk County Farm Bureau recognizes outstanding educators in agriculture | Excellence comes in many forms. This year, it came in the form of three caring and committed teachers who work not only for the future of agriculture, but also for making sure that youth have a comprehensive understanding of its importance in America. Marie

15 Oct
The red thread that binds: What connects UF/IFAS with Florida farmers

TEACHING, RESEARCH AND OUTREACH are the core of the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), which is a premier institution within the land-grant university system. But it is the research that is the red thread that connects UF/IFAS with the production of food, biofuel, and the responsible stewardship of Florida’s natural resources. [emember_protected

15 Oct
Taking a look at the use of RFID technology on the ranch

FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) has been around for some time. It is wireless technology that uses three components: a tag (which consists of a microchip and a radio antenna), a reader, and a computer system. Most of us are familiar with its uses in Florida’s SunPass prepaid toll system or the microchips implanted in our pets