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15 Oct
New uses for old crops

| Eucalyptus, sugar cane and other crops get an agritechnology makeover | In Frostproof, Phillip Rucks Nursery is growing half a million Eucalyptus trees. Although Eucalyptus trees currently are marketed for garden mulch, the fast-growing hardwood is poised for a potential broad new market — as biomass for an electricity-generating facility.

15 Sep
Ask the Expert: Q&A on getting the most out of hunting

BAXTER TROUTMAN is a fourth-generation Florida cracker with a long history of success in the citrus industry, business, and politics. Besides his professional history and cultural heritage, Troutman possesses a lifetime of hunting experience. As an avid hunter whose skills have been tested on terrains throughout the country, he saw the desire for a professional,

15 Sep
Ag gone fishing: R&R for anglers spells big bucks in Florida

GARY MCKENZIE LOVES THE CHALLENGE of catching redfish. He enjoys stealthily creeping upon and tricking them. “It’s like hunting and fishing at the same time,” he explains. “You watch the fish eat your lure.” The autobody technician at Bartow Ford enjoys traveling to fish along the Louisiana coast southeast of New Orleans, or at Florida’s

15 Sep
Getting your equine away from the daily grind

| Fun day ideas for you and your horse | THE UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP between horse and rider is a bond that grows over time through rigorous training sessions and the companionable daily routines. There’s a season for everything under the sun, as the saying goes; a time for work and a time for play. This

15 Sep
One man’s hard work is the same man’s pleasure

| Recreational time is a precious commodity for this citrus grower | WORKING LONG HOURS has been — and still is — a way of life for citrus grower Dennis Carlton. While spending long hours in his groves making sure both trees and fruit are getting the best of care brings pleasure to Carlton, he

15 Sep
Florida recreation at its greenest

| A look at the economic impact of agriculture and nature-based tourism | FLORIDA IS WELL KNOWN as a recreation and tourism leader. With its dynamic entertainment industry, beautiful coastline, and favorable climate, one could be forgiven to overlook the many contributions of an uncharacteristic recreation powerhouse, namely Florida’s nature-based tourism. There’s a lot to

15 Aug
Grooming safety for new horse owners

| Four rules to put into practice | During the London 2012 Olympic Games, the equestrian sport was held at the historic Greenwich Park, which was built around 1433 as a Royal Park. Though the site has neither stables nor courses for equestrian disciplines, temporary structures for the events were built. Great care and safety

15 Aug
Packing a hefty economic punch

| Plant breeding and other research that helps small farms | FLORIDA – THE OLIVE STATE? While the citrus industry is far and away the Sunshine State’s agriculture ambassador, olives, as well as blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, lettuce, clams, peaches, and more, represent new, alternative crops that are thriving on Florida farms.

15 Aug
Cattle course helps breed success on the ranch

| UF/IFAS offers beef cattle reproductive management school | REPRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY has long been recognized as the most important factor influencing the economic viability of commercial cattle operations. Good reproductive management can make the difference between profit and loss in a cow operation. The UF/IFAS South Florida Beef Forage Team will offer an intensive course