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Grooming safety for new horse owners

| Four rules to put into practice | During the London 2012 Olympic Games, the equestrian sport was held at the historic Greenwich Park, which was built around 1433 as


Packing a hefty economic punch

| Plant breeding and other research that helps small farms | FLORIDA – THE OLIVE STATE? While the citrus industry is far and away the Sunshine State’s agriculture ambassador, olives,


Cattle course helps breed success on the ranch

| UF/IFAS offers beef cattle reproductive management school | REPRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY has long been recognized as the most important factor influencing the economic viability of commercial cattle operations. Good reproductive


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Expanding markets for Florida agricultural products

Though the United States grows increasingly dependent on foreign countries for many necessities, we still boast a trade surplus when it comes to agriculture. The U.S. exports $8.2 billion more


PCFB President’s Column: Learn about the candidates and issues

ELECTION CYCLES ARE ALWAYS critical to the future of our county, state, and nation. In the current election season, it is now more important than ever that we not only


@griTech: Enlisting cellular technology for better fuel management

WITH ALL OF THE AMAZING technologies that are literally available at the tip of a finger, now is the best time to make these advances work for you and your


Florida Club update

| A longstanding ag tradition is diversifying its membership | THE 64-YEAR-OLD FLORIDA CLUB, a social club promoting the state’s citrus industry, is broadening its focus and membership to include


A tale of the cold chain when broken

DURING THE YEAR, we’ve summarized the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective cold chain to ensure food safety/food defense.


Florida — and Florida foods — around the world

| State chef creates culinary masterpieces with Gulf seafood at the Olympics | JUSTIN PATRICK TIMINERI, Florida’s culinary ambassador, went to London to promote the state’s seafood at the 2012


How to treat a cut or skin irritation on goat or sheep

Behavioral changes in your goat or sheep sometimes can indicate a recent injury or skin laceration. To help you recognize behavioral changes, here are a few signs to look for: