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Hot alternative crops for Florida growers

| Peach and pomegranate crops are gaining popularity in the Sunshine State | CLINT UPDIKE GREW UP in the citrus industry. He’s a grower and caretaker. As president of Altura-based


Recipe Spotlight: Proper Pomegranate Procedure 101

Pomegranates might have been the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, but since no one in the real First Family left a grocery list of things to eat and


Land management needs in the grove

As you know, there is a lot of uncertainty in the Florida citrus industry these days. Several factors have growers shaking their heads and wondering what the immediate future may


KeyPlex in the business of plant health

| Company constructs new plant to meet the needs of its customers | For Florida-based KeyPlex, business necessity met with opportune timing and formed an almost-perfect union last year. The


Publisher Letter: Small farms and businesses — a mainstay of America

Independently owned small businesses are a vital ingredient to the economy of our country, and their survival — as well as their success – is imperative. These companies are one


Early planning for prescribed burns

We have talked before about the need for prescribed fire as a tool in land management. I know it seems a little early, as we are in the middle of


Electronic timekeeping for harvesting labor

As we start to think about the upcoming harvesting season for citrus and other crops, it’s time to start planning ahead. Along with keeping accurate records, filling the labor requirements


Taking a look at contractors and vendors

Last month we put the spotlight on the staff that helps your business run on a daily basis. This time we will dig a little deeper into your business and


There’s a new chicken in town

| Local families keep backyard coops for homegrown eggs | There’s a new chicken in town, and you’ll probably find it in your neighbor’s backyard. A growing trend in Central


Editor’s Blog: Looking at the BIGGER picture of small farms

IN THIS (AUGUST 2012) EDITION of Central Florida Ag News, we’ve given some special attention to small farms and those commodities that can really help the “little guy” get ahead