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Publisher Letter: Quality time with the family

READING ABOUT ALL THE GREAT ways to enjoy Florida definitely gives me the itch to get outdoors! In the Kirkland family, to say we are water enthusiasts would be an


Ask the Expert: Q&A on getting the most out of hunting

BAXTER TROUTMAN is a fourth-generation Florida cracker with a long history of success in the citrus industry, business, and politics. Besides his professional history and cultural heritage, Troutman possesses a


How a ‘good deal’ sometimes can be more risk than it’s worth

A MAN ONCE TOLD ME you can go broke on good deals. I try to learn and remember from the older generations in the agricultural community. I often reflect on


Ag gone fishing: R&R for anglers spells big bucks in Florida

GARY MCKENZIE LOVES THE CHALLENGE of catching redfish. He enjoys stealthily creeping upon and tricking them. “It’s like hunting and fishing at the same time,” he explains. “You watch the


@griTech: Hunting tools of the 21st century

WHILE HUMAN BEINGS have been hunting since the dawn of creation, the ways this sacred rite is performed are worlds apart from early hunters and gatherers. With the introduction of


A citrus thief in our midst

THERE IS NO DOUBT that these tough economic times seem to be affecting just about every industry in the country. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and putting in extra


Editor’s Blog: Wrapped up in the pages of this R&R edition

I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE it’s September already! Imagine, less than three months from now, we’ll be hanging up the mistletoe and wrapping presents that we plan to present to loved


Covering the bases with an equine wellness program

HORSES, AS WELL AS HUMANS, benefit from preventative medicine. It is often a better practice to enlist a preventative health-care program with your veterinarian rather than resorting to corrective treatment.


Getting your equine away from the daily grind

| Fun day ideas for you and your horse | THE UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP between horse and rider is a bond that grows over time through rigorous training sessions and the


Third-party audits — insuring the cold chain

THIRD-PARTY AUDITORS are independent, industry audit certification bodies that verify all aspects of self-policing and adherence to standards. These audits cost thousands of dollars to engage, disrupt normal business operations,