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Cultivating the Land and the Heart

Service to the Community On and Off the Groves Their workplaces are the groves of Central Florida, caring for the land that supplies the local and national communities with fresh


Putting Planting and Pruning Plans to Action

It’s hard to believe that we have already reached our final gardening tips for the year. If you have kept up with our suggestions and properly cared for your lawn


Preventing Unnecessary Pain in Your Horse’s Mouth

Have you ever bitten the side of your cheek or had a cavity? If you have, then you know how uncomfortable that can be.


The use of RFID technology in the cold supply chain

Anyone involved in the transportation and warehousing of goods is likely aware of the acronym RFID (short for radio frequency identification). The online RFID Journal (www.rfidjournal. com) defines RFID as


Publisher Letter: Another Great Year of Telling the Florida Agriculture Story

Another year has come and gone for Florida agriculture, and despite the uncertain hurdles ahead, we’re working to turn our challenges into opportunities.


Recipe Spotlight: How Local Apiarists Like to Eat Their Honey

When Pat Allen goes to work, he expects to be stung. But his hurt is bittersweet. He is a beekeeper who, with millions of busy bees, makes honey.


Citrus Update: It’s Time to Ride Groves and Order Resets

Citrus nurseries are backed up, more backed up than I’ve seen them in years. So now is the time to ride through your groves, see which trees are holding fruit,