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Flooding in Florida?

The impacts to an agricultural operation from flooding, whether caused by a neighbor or by a government, are devastating. The law in Florida, while generally considered to be highly favorable


Essential Reminders When Budget Planning

January is the perfect time to look at the budget of your small business and ensure that everything is in order for the upcoming year. This month we will talk


Celebrating Florida’s Roots

500th Anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s Arrival Sparks Renewed Interest in Heritage Floridians across the state are honoring their roots this year as the state marks the 500th anniversary of


AgriEdu: A Championship Team Set Apart

Taking Top Honors at the State FFA Citrus Career Development Event Florida leads the country in citrus, producing 63 percent of the total United States production alone. Leading the state


Don’t Be Sheepish About Vaccinations: Important Vaccines for Sheep and Goats

Vaccinations serve well as preventative measures in sheep or goats’ health care. Since these ruminant mammals are closely related in their general make-up, they’re easily treated for the same diseases.


Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy, Come What May

The gardening tips for this month are a little different from years past. Due to the unusually warm weather we have had this winter, many plants and trees are showing


Managing Your Land During Unpredictable Weather

The cold weather blast that came through the weekend prior to Christmas seemed to sneak up on us. Once again, I was amazed by the difference between the forecasted temperatures


The Year Ahead for Agritechnology

So, what’s in store for 2013 from an agritechnology perspective? For agriculture, we will see a significant increase in tablet computing at the farming level because of decreased prices and


More Trade Opportunity for Florida Beef

Opening New Doors with the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement A “new deal” recently has been established in United States agriculture, and though it is not like FDR’s New Deal,


Recipe Spotlight: A Four-Course Meal for the Strawberry Fan

Strawberries are like potato chips … it’s hard to eat just one. And since we are in the midst of Central Florida’s strawberry harvest, it’s time to try some news