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Little-Known Facts on the Clydesdale

Unique Aspects of an Already-Unique Breed Since the repeal of Prohibition, Clydesdale horses have become synonymous with Budweiser beer. The flamboyant draft horse is featured in national advertising, parades and


Publisher Letter: A video worth sharing

Every once in a while, we watch a commercial that is more than just a marketing ploy meant to try and get us to buy something. They are diamonds in


Land Management: Time for Fertilizer and Pesticide Applications

As winter fades and crops begin to blossom, it is once again time to diligently apply granular and spray fertilizers and pesticides. We have inventoried how much of each material


Two Questions from My Client Equine Owners

I’m often asked similar questions by animal owners dealing with health of their animals. Taking care of large animals is what I love to do, so answering these questions is


Conserving Water Just Got Easier

If you are a city water customer, you may be eligible for a free landscape and irrigation system evaluation to help you conserve water. The cities of Lakeland, Winter Haven,


Editor’s Blog: An Opportunity at Agri-Fest

For 25 years, Polk County Agri-Fest has been educating fourth-graders at this annual event to help cultivate future leaders for the agriculture industry. But most importantly, their efforts show children


Protecting Your Business Before — and After — Disaster Strikes

It’s never too early to protect you, your farm and ranch from disaster. Freezes, drought, fires, disease, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes pose a continual threat, so preparedness can help ensure


@griTech: Tools Used on the Farm that Promote Precision and Conservation

A decade ago, Rich Budell notes, a GPS device wasn’t all that common. Times, he added, have definitely changed. “Everybody has one in their car now,” Budell says. But if


Strawberry Growers are Seeing Red this Season

It’s halfway through the harvest and the public is now starting to enjoy (this month and over the next few months) the sweet, delicious taste of Florida hand-picked strawberries. This


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: State History Learning Made Fun

2013 marks 500 years since the discovery of Florida by Juan Ponce de Leon. In celebration of Florida’s 500th anniversary, the Florida State Fair branded this year’s 12-day event “Discover