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Recipe Spotlight: How a good hunt turns into a great meal

The hunt is over. The kill is cleaned. … Now, what do you do with it? Hunting has always been part of Florida but more so since the Spaniards let


Data highway widens, speeding ag communications

The “data highway” has expanded from a single lane to an eight-lane highway, speeding and expanding ways to run your agriculture business. Smartphones, laptops, netbooks, and tablets are making it


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Water conservation and resources update

Florida’s future depends on access to a reliable supply of fresh water. While we’re surrounded by seas and receive abundant rainfall, in some regions during certain times of the year,


To farm or not to farm

To farm or not to farm?  It’s a question of costs versus profits. Florida’s Green Belt Law allows agriculture to use land whose property tax is a fraction of real


How to boost your operation’s efficiency

Technology is changing the way we do business, and agriculture is no exception. To grow your farm and ranch in today’s world, understanding how technology can help you is important.


At the helm of Warner’s ag program

| Lauren Lewis laying the foundation for tomorrow’s industry | After earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Alabama and Texas, Lauren Lewis, a graduate of Haines City High School’s


When financial statements are required

Many agriculture lenders are now requiring companies to have financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant. When it is determined that your company needs to have CPA-prepared financial statements,


Life after farming: Bill and Maxi Adams

| Couple is feeling at home at Lake Howard Heights | Bill Adams grew his citrus nursery business into one of the largest in the state — until canker decimated


In the company of citrus history

| Florida Citrus Hall of Fame’s 2013 Fellowship Students help preserve significant industry artifacts and more | John Jackson, chairman of the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame, which honors distinguished


Property appraisers can help with land-holding strategies

Land values along Florida’s coast are starting to improve. And, fortunately, that upward trend should eventually affect the central part of our state. But, while we wait to see what