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Recipe Spotlight: Mixing it Up with the Culinary Wealth of Florida

We live in a culinary smoothie. Florida food is a bit of this and a bit of that from many countries, all smooshed together as immigrants settled here and they


Transferring Your Family Business, Part II

In my last column I introduced some of the more common strategies for minimizing taxes when transferring your family business. Below are a few more to consider, but remember, none


Painting Wildlife in Agriculture

Winter Haven Native Paul Schulz Shares his Labor of Love Paul Schulz is an artist whose work does more than just depict a scene; it reveals the history and influences


The Late-Fall To-Do List

The holiday season has crept up on us again, and with it comes to-do lists that always seem to be a little longer. Depending on your situation, the late-fall to-do


Making Sure Your Horse Gets All His Nutrients, Part II

Last month we addressed protein and carbohydrates as important factors in equine nutrition. In this month’s column I’m going to discuss two more elements that play a role in your


PCFB’s Ag Program of the Year

Lots of ‘Fishy’ Business at Crystal Lake Middle School The Polk County Farm Bureau awarded the Outstanding Agriculture Program of the Year to a creative group of educators at Crystal


How Did We Get Here?

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s discovery of La Florida. The impact of that landing is apparent throughout Florida’s Historic Coast, where streets and businesses have


Buying Pre-Owned Farm Equipment to Save Money… Be Careful and Choose Wisely

When it comes to business in the fields, the cost of operation continues to rise. Whether it’s feed for the livestock, sprays for crop disease, or employing field hands—doing business


The Birth of an Industry, Part IV

The Rise of Nutrient Application Technology and the Market for Juice When the citrus industry first sprouted in the mid-1800s, there was limited understanding of citrus nutritional requirements. The nurserymen


Making Sure Your Horse Gets All His Nutrients, Part I

With so many brands and types of horse feed available, it’s easy to get confused or be unsure about whether your horse is getting all the nutrients in his diet