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Picking Up the Scent on Mosaic’s Good Will Toward Men

New Sheriff’s K9 to be Named Matrix The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is getting a new four-legged recruit: Matrix. The dog, probably a German Shepherd, is being purchased with $8,000


Ways You Can Volunteer for Agriculture

If you do even a fair bit of traveling on the highways and byways, it’s likely you’ve seen some pro-agriculture stickers on the back bumpers of vehicles in front of


Walking in an AgriWonderland

Florida is full of agricultural wonders, so in this edition, we asked five different and unique ag operations how 2013 went for their business, and how they project next year


’Tis the season to count our blessings

While we should be thankful for our blessings every day of the year, it is natural and traditional to reflect on our blessings during the holiday season.  I read a


Making Sure Your Horse Gets All His Nutrients, Part III

The last two elements of the horse’s diet are equally as important as the other four I’ve already addressed. (Review part one and part two) Let’s talk about the roles


Tax Reminders for Your Ag Operation, Part II

In my last column, I noted some interesting tax considerations that apply to ag operations filing as sole proprietorships. Let’s talk about how certain differences from traditional small businesses can


A Farmer’s Hands at Work on Canvas

How Robert Harper Captures Natural Florida Seventy-two-year-old Robert Harper likes a challenge. In his lifetime he’s bailed hay, sold watermelons, raised beef cattle, and grown citrus. Formerly a Central Florida


Citrus Update: Soil Testing May Reveal Cause of Smaller Fruit

As citrus harvesting begins, many citrus growers are finding fruit smaller and not as sweet. The trend proves true regardless of the amount of citrus greening, that dreaded disease spread


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: ‘Florida Ag: By the Numbers’ Report

More than 500 years ago, when European settlers landed in Florida, livestock were raised and produce was grown for subsistence. The settlers produced just enough to feed themselves and their


A review on Cloud computing and tablets for play and work

Technology has been the rage in agricultural circles in 2012, as predicted. We’ve seen more than a 300 percent increase in Cloud computing among our agricultural clients. [emember_protected custom_msg=”Click here