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Citrus Heritage Exhibit 3

A Look Back at the Roots of Citrus Variety Development and Disease Management Citrus varieties have changed through the years with intricate and thoughtful cultivation. Prior to the Great Freeze,

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Citrus Heritage Exhibit 4

The Rise of Nutrient Application Technology and the Market for Juice When the citrus industry first began in the mid-1800s, there was limited understanding of citrus nutritional requirements. The growers

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Citrus Heritage Exhibit 2

From Past to Present: Environmental Stewardship through Irrigation Methods and Cold Protection The northeastern citrus production never fully recovered from the Great Freeze of 1894-95 and during their rehabilitation another


Nourishing the Roots of the Community

Growing Much More than Citrus as Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation Focuses on Local Charities The Spirit of Giving is alive and well this time of year, and many companies talk


More of What You Need to Know about the FSMA

The 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the topic of last month’s column,, merits another look. The food defense clampdown it has triggered and its expanding reach into the food


Running for Legacy

Participants met the challenge at the Run-A-Muck Mud Run to help raise funds for the new FFA headquarters. They may have maneuvered through dirt, they may have waded through water,


It’s Time to Get Ready for Winter Chill

As Floridians, it’s tempting to sit back and watch the rest of the country shiver when those artic winds hit. But don’t let our unusually warm fall convince you winter


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: About the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program

In November, families representing 50 operational farms and ranches from all across the state gathered in Tallahassee for one reason: preserving Florida’s invaluable agricultural lands. These families, many with three


Holiday Time Means Dormancy Time for Some Plants

The holiday period, in Central Florida and beyond, provides an interesting contrast. As human activity picks up, activity in nature slows down. Dormancy time— it’s here for some plant varieties


Will You Count Your Challenges or Blessings?

While I could use this space to inform you of the many year-end tax planning opportunities that you can take adavantage of, I think it’s most important to pause and