Month: April 2014

BMPs, Have You Enrolled?

Farmers and Ranchers’ Role in Protecting Florida’s Water Quality Agriculture has been in the spotlight for many years for environmental problems. It seems we always have to defend our way of life to prevent government intrusion and/or taxation. Most of this is greatly due to people that do not understand agriculture moving into this great …

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A Thirst for Change

Change can be a pain. The powers that be are fixing the road between my home and the office. That means I have to detour, and I’ve been taking the same route for 10 years. The detour really upsets me. That detour is peanuts compared to big ones, like trying to decide when is the …

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Live. Love. Livestock.

Family Life for the Lasseters at Triple L Farms Elijah Lasseter was seven years old when he announced to his parents one evening, “I’m going to get a diesel when I turn 16.” Amused, his dad Ron told him he better find a job. Elijah paused, but only briefly. “If I buy a calf now …

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Why the law is personal

Attorneys follow very specific rules of conduct, which have been established by the American Bar Association, and these rules also affect our ability to establish trust with our clients. But the law is personal, and here’s why: We stay with our clients for months and in some cases years, deliberating over the most intimate details …

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Commissioner’s AgriCorner: ‘Don’t Pack a Pest’ Campaign

The psyllids in our citrus groves, the pythons in the Everglades, and the lovebugs on our windshields are all examples of Florida’s invasive pests. They are also great examples of how difficult—if not impossible—it is to remove invasive pests once they are introduced.

Katie Hennessy

Raising Your Foal

Foals can be a lot of work, but it is important to monitor them closely. Foals should drink up to 25 percent of their body weight in milk daily with an average weight gain of one to two lb/day. The main component of a foal’s diet is milk but they will often try sampling the …

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