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7 reasons why grapefruit is a GREAT fruit

They are pretty and they smell good. Inside, they look like marvels of engineering. Or, maybe something brought back from a space trip. They’re Florida grapefruit.


Hurricane preparedness in the public refrigerated warehousing industry

The highway billboards with the monstrous hurricane off Florida’s west coast almost screams at passing motorists when they warn “GET A PLAN” in huge letters.

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Bartow Tractor Supply store wins class award for efforts in 4-H fundraising campaign

The Bartow Tractor Supply Company (TSC) store was recently recognized for winning the “Class Champion” award for meeting the company’s goals during the 4-H/TSC Spring 2014 Paper Clover Promotion. Store

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4-H Photo: Jessee claims prizes in state contest

Seventeen-year-old Meg Jessee wants to be a veterinarian, so it’s no surprise she likes to take pictures of animals. One of her favorite subjects is pigs, or more specifically, her

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Strawberry picking challenge raises money for children’s programs

Strawberry growers regularly tout the red berry at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. Now there’s a new annual event: The Bright House Networks Strawberry Picking Challenge held by


2014 Annual Citrus Report

With more arsenal against greening comes new plantings As Florida’s citrus growers battle greening, fourth generation citrus grower Kyle Story— along with his dad, Victor Story, Jr., and brother, Matt—


How to be a wise bidder at a real estate auction, step 2

When I speak with someone interested in purchasing a property (home, commercial building, or acreage) of any kind through the auction method, the number one concern is what is the


Smart marketing for small farms

To establish your small agricultural operation among competitors, it’s crucial to plan and put into action smart marketing strategies. Local farmers’ markets are exploding in popularity across Florida and serve as


Equine Euthanasia

Euthanasia is not something anyone enjoys talking about, but if you have horses or other pets it is a subject that will most likely need to be addressed at some


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Committed to saving Florida’s groves

As many of you know, one of America’s favorite beverages is at grave risk.  Though Florida’s citrus trees have overcome many challenges over the last five centuries, including freezes, hurricanes,