Month: September 2014

Small farms on a Mission to grow alternative

Growers experimenting with soil-less, protected cultures, and new crops A Winter Haven ministry is growing food for the poor using vertical plant towers. The hydroponic/aeroponic system produces vegetables and fruits faster, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. “Instead of cultivating the soil, we cultivate the water,” says David Berry, executive pastor of The Mission.

AgriBiz Profiles

Advantage Hedging & Topping: Citrus Trees Responding to Nutrition and ‘Drastic Cuts’ Like many people in the citrus industry, April Miller is doing business differently these days because of citrus greening disease. Miller, who travels around the state giving citrus trees “haircuts” to encourage new growth, is now being asked to make “drastic cuts.” In …

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Ben Adams, Jr.

The true tale of tuna in the cold supply chain

The cold-supply chain provides volumes of interesting “there-to-here” stories— tales about how foods get safely from production to your dining table. Picking up from last month’s column, let’s tell the travel tale of tuna originating from Southeast Asia.

Katie Hennessy

Equine Dental Care

A horse’s teeth are an extremely important part of their overall health and wellbeing, but they are often overlooked. Teeth are the very first step in feed processing and digestion. Throughout its lifetime, a horse’s teeth are continually growing and being worn down through the action of grinding while eating.

Final Florida Cattle ID Rule kicks in

What ranchers need to know about the official individual identification process The Florida Cattle Identification Rule went live on September 4, which means all cattle operations need to understand the new requirements for cattle tagging. This rule came after years of discussion at over 60 public meetings between the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer …

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