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The right lender to grow with the farming industry

A CASUAL DRIVE almost anywhere in Central Florida provides ample evidence of an agricultural boom, particularly in the realm of row crops, the kind providing consumers with fresh produce and


Recipe Spotlight: Sharing the red, juicy strawberry bounty

WE HARVEST STRAWBERRIES in spring and pull off the road to buy them at farm stands or, if we have to, in stores. Folks up north have to shovel their


High-tech alerts and the quest for a better berry

| Strawberry growers look to technology to help save money and increase production | Sixty-five-year-old Carl Grooms has been growing strawberries for more than four decades, but it’s not routine,


A structure that is strong and durable

MOST AREAS of the country have an environment that can be hard on buildings and structures in some form or another; Florida is no exception. The Sunshine State’s hot weather,


Growing your business in 2015 starts with a plan

AS YOU REFLECT on 2014 and begin planning for 2015, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your business and personal financial plans. Your financial life encompasses much more than the


Cost Share Programs for Best Management Practices (BMPs)

IF YOU RUN an agriculture operation, you may already be implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs). If you are unfamiliar with BMPs, they are measures intended to improve water quality while


Showing steer for more than just show

| What participants learned at the Polk County Youth Fair’s Commercial Steer Show | EVERY YEAR at the Polk County Youth Fair, local youth, FFA members, and 4-H Club students


A business philosophy that stands the tests of time

COMPETITION CAN BE a tough row to hoe in the business world. Businesses have to stand out from the pack. We are fourth-generation owners/operators, and Domer’s, Inc. has survived the


Technology in public refrigerated warehousing

HOW DOES a public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) operation keep the cold air in and the warm air out? We began to answer that question last month, when the focus was


Citrus forecast projects slight decline; HLB funding announced

THE GOVERNMENT is intensifying the war on Huanglongbing, or HLB, as the disease tightens its grip on Florida’s citrus industry. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) projected Feb. 10 that