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Orchard update: A growing alternative crop in the Sunshine State

MOTHER NATURE may hand Central Florida fruit growers plenty of problems and obstacles, but they are a tenacious group — difficult to discourage and impossible to stop.


Harvest time: Hope Now provides alternative living through alternative crops

ANY FARMER worth his or her salt knows that if you want something to grow, you have to give it everything it needs. Essentials include a good foundation of soil,


From the Editor’s Desk: Lessons learned from hard work

IN POLITICS, movies, and the media, we tend to hear a lot of rhetoric about the glass ceiling, and the gender roles pushed on women by centuries of oppression and


Business-themed national events of note

A COUPLE OF business-themed national events were already in the rear-view mirror by the time this magazine went to print, but even in the past tense, they deserve some exposure.


The pesticide ‘calculator’

THE AGRICULTURE industry is steeped in history and tradition, but it is also constantly on the cutting edge of technology and everchanging. As the world population grows, issues like environmentalism


Leaders must be a signature crop

How the Legacy Leadership program is helping ensure the future of Florida agriculture WE KNOW HOW to grow things in Florida — oranges, blueberries, coleus, you name it. Fortunately, we


Where youth can meet their meat and more

Eighth Annual Youth Field Day promises engaging and educational range cattle demonstrations EVERY YEAR in June, the Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona, Florida, hosts its annual Youth


Repair Regulations: De minis safe harbor election (Part 3)

OVER THE LAST two months, I have gone over the fundamentals of the new tangible repair regulations, which apply to taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2014. Though


Offering diverse options for all your outbuilding needs

MOST BARNS and outbuildings are “working” buildings; in other words, they are built to perform a specific function or duty. Some outbuildings keep equipment and vehicles safe and out of


Recipe Spotlight: In peach anticipation

ANTICIPATION can be disappointing. We were at a dog show in Georgia — you know, where the great peaches come from — and someone said “peach cobbler.” Just the thought