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The 2016 blueberry season roundup

Sifting for the silver lining amid the challenges of Florida’s blue gold FLORIDA BLUEBERRY GROWERS had a tough season, coming into the marketplace late, with about 30 percent of their


Summer BreakSpot: Spreading Florida’s agricultural bounty when school is out

AS FLORIDA’S COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE, directing more locally grown products to Florida’s school cafeterias and encouraging healthy eating habits is one of my top priorities.


Government funds available to help your operation

IF YOU KNOW where to find it, if you know how to access it, and if you meet certain qualifications, government funds are available to help your citrus operation. For


Hurricane preparedness for crops and livestock large and small

Be ready with these before, during, and after storm-prep reminders FOR GROWERS, RANCHERS, AND PET AND LIVESTOCK OWNERS, hurricane preparedness begins long before the storm makes landfall and continues even


Lawn care makes its way to the top of the outdoor to-do list

JUNE IS AN EXCELLENT month to plant new lawns and repair existing ones. You can use Palmetto plugs to fill those empty spots during the rainy season.


What can we learn from this California ag education story?

AGRICULTURE IS IN NEED of warm bodies in the industry, with vacancies in the scientific and technical side of agricultural employment growing rapidly. It’s one reason why ag education is