Month: September 2016

Katie Hennessy

Fungal infestation of fescue

FESCUE IS A HARDY, EASY-GROWING grass that was established in the United States in the 1940s and grows on more than 35 million acres of land. Of the pastures that grow the tall fescue, many contain plants that are infected with a fungus, Acremonium coenophialum, that is toxic to horses.

The new ‘cash crop’ in the U.S. is here

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW how big agriculture-related tourism, or agritourism, is in Florida and how quickly it’s growing, you can always dig into the economic numbers. But, really, you don’t have to do that. All you really have to know are two things:

Getting a head start on potential threats to ag

Scientists and growers get ready for the Florida Ag Expo THE AGENDA for the Florida Ag Expo at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center (GCREC) on November 2 includes a session on the Q-biotype whitefly, but not because it’s already wreaking havoc on your fruit and vegetable crops.

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