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Recreation and agriculture come together at the agritourism crossroads

More Florida farms and ranches open doors to the public with retreats, attractions, events, and more TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO, cattlemen drove their herds to a remote part of central


Incentives offered for Florida citrus growers

FLORIDA CITRUS MUTUAL maintains that Florida’s citrus industry must plant 20 million trees in the next 10 years to keep infrastructure up, stay solvent, and keep the industry afloat. A


Fungal infestation of fescue

FESCUE IS A HARDY, EASY-GROWING grass that was established in the United States in the 1940s and grows on more than 35 million acres of land. Of the pastures that


Holding the reigns of victory with ‘Change of Heart’

Olivia Glenn and her mount compete at the Southern Regional 4-H Championships IF YOU’VE BEEN RIDING HORSES since the age of six like sixteen-year-old Olivia Glenn has, competing in the


The new ‘cash crop’ in the U.S. is here

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW how big agriculture-related tourism, or agritourism, is in Florida and how quickly it’s growing, you can always dig into the economic numbers. But, really, you


The international view from the cold food chain’s perspective

THE FOOD AND FOOD INGREDIENTS kept cold, dry, and secure at Adams Cold Storage in Auburndale truly are international in flavor and increasingly international in origin. Increased foreign trade, the


Turning a new leaf for the love of gardening: Bok Tower Gardens inspires visitors with new attraction

BOK TOWER GARDENS and the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) teamed up to display the “fruits of their labor” recently at the grand opening of


Ag Time with Abby: Recreation and fun for the whole family while supporting FFA

WHEN I SAY we’re off to a great year, boy, oh boy, do I mean it! There are three big fundraising events that our local FFA chapters are hosting, and


Publisher Letter: Congrats to the PCFB Youth Speech Contest winners

THERE ARE FEW THINGS that are more intimidating to people than public speaking. It’s an acquired skill that, through years of practice, however, can be mastered. In my youth, I


Getting a head start on potential threats to ag

Scientists and growers get ready for the Florida Ag Expo THE AGENDA for the Florida Ag Expo at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center (GCREC) on November 2 includes