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7 Things You Can Do in Honor of National Ag Day

The day known as National Ag Day comes only once a year, but there are things you can do in the near future and all year ‘round to show your


Advice from a Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame inductee for the next generation of ag leaders

RECENTLY, FOUR TITANS of agriculture were inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame.  Among them was W. Bernard Lester, age 78, who was born in Havana and graduated from


From suburan life to aglife

Cassidy Polston joins family in cattle-raising tradition CASSIDY POLSTON AND her family were living a typical suburban lifestyle. As a little girl, she was thinking about becoming a lawyer or


The first time’s a charm: McKenzie Webb wins Grand Champion with her prize Zebu

THE FOUR-LEAF CLOVER, a rare variation of its three-leaf counterpart, has long been recognized as a symbol of good luck. If a person stumbles upon this treasure, then the holder


Three things every novice horseback rider should know before starting lessons

ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT signing up your child for horseback riding lessons? Before they get in the saddle, make sure your young, novice rider is prepared, and remember these three


College-level ag programs offer training and open doors

AGRICULTURAL PROGRAMS like FFA and 4-H are celebrated for their ability to get America’s youth interested in ag, but did you know there are similar programs at the college level?


Recipe Spotlight: It’s easy cooking green

  For good health and good rating, snap the beans and boil the collards FARM-GROWN GREEN THINGS are good for you. There’s a generalization you can take to the bank.