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Living the Dream: A Woman with Many Hats and a Heart for Cattle

Dr. LuJean Waters is a big animal veterinarian making a living in what used to be a man’s profession. Just two miles from her family’s old homestead, LuJean Waters practices

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A Family Business: Emily McKenna Lassiter Grew up in the Citrus Groves

Emily McKenna Lassiter is a woman deeply dedicated to her family, and the family citrus business. She also has a strong affection for citrus groves. And no wonder; her childhood

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Ag Woman Pioneer: Dr. Martha Rhodes Roberts: Advancing Florida Agriculture

Meet Dr. Martha Rhodes Roberts, a leader in Florida agriculture. Agriculture is a leading industry in Florida, and The Sunshine State’s ag industry wouldn’t be where it is today without

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What’s Your Ag Story

My Ag Story started very early in life, I was born and raised in the cattle industry. My family has been involved in the cattle industry in Florida for over

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Dr. Katie Hennessy is All Business When it Comes to Helping Animials

Katie Hennessy is an extraordinary asset to Polk County’s agricultural community. She is an equine and large animal veterinarian who operates the Polk Equine mobile clinic in Lake Wales. Hennessy

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What’s Your Ag Story?

Tristen Walling, Lakeland, FL “At a young age, I was introduced to the agriculture industry where I was taught how to plant crops and nurture an animal. At 4 years


Lessons Learned from the Family Farming Tradition

It’s a tradition that no doubt will continue and keep agriculture going strong. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK in agriculture, there are stories of the strength of our country’s family farming traditions.


Don’t Let Small Problems with Your Horse Turn into Big Problems

ALL HORSES require regular maintenance and preventive care for the best possible health. As a horse owner it is your responsibility to provide regular health care for your horse. Fortunately,


Hunger: The Preventable Tragedy

WHAT DID YOU have to eat today? Maybe some toast and eggs for breakfast, or a bowl of cereal. Maybe you skipped breakfast and had a big lunch. Dinner might


Citrus Greening Research Highlights Cooperation and Women in Ag Leadership

CITRUS GREENING has been at work for more than a decade in Florida citrus groves, and the devastation it has brought to the Sunshine State’s citrus industry is enormous. Citrus