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Local Youth Learn About the State’s Citrus Industry

On June 28, the UF/IFAS extension office in Lake Alfred hosted more than 70 individuals at their Citrus Youth Day to learn some science and gain better insight into the


What Do I Need to Retire?

Having been a financial advisor for nearly two decades, I’ve helped with planning retirement for people from all walks of life: agriculture business owners, medical professionals, school teachers, firefighters, and


The ACS Emergency Plan

Here at Adams Cold Storage (ACS) in Auburndale, we have a lot of confidence in the emergency plan we’ve developed for severe weather and other disaster scenarios. You might be


Reduce Your Risk of Heat Stroke While Working Outdoors

Those of us who have lived and worked under the Florida sun know first-hand what the summer heat is like. Working outdoors in the summer heat may require taking some


Beat the Heat— and the Pests— in Your Lawn this Month

It’s summer time in Central Florida, which means it is hot, humid, and (this year) wet.  Besides staying hydrated while working in the yard, there are several things you should


Summer Heat and Your Horse

Horses are remarkable for many things — one of them being their ability to adapt to weather extremes including the summertime heat and humidity of Central Florida. If you own


Hurricane Preparation to be Ready for the Next Storm

June 1st was the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane season. While some climatologists are backing off the active hurricane prediction, it is still important to be prepared, especially for


The Future of Our Farms

Here’s a fact that tends to bring cheers: due in large part to better science, technology, and horticultural practices, U.S. farming productivity and efficiency rates today are the best they’ve


Hunters on a Mission

The Wild Game Food Bank is committed to serving our community through a partnership with local hunters and area food banks. A great example of how this is applied is


Adjuvants and Your Operation

What are adjuvants, and how do they help your operation? Adjuvants are inputs that aid the activity and/or modify the physical characteristics of a spray mixture. In other words, they