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Harvest Time

Farm Safety 101 While the total number of agricultural fatalities has been decreasing in recent years, farm safety is still an important topic, with 285 farmers and ranchers being killed

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2018 Florida Citrus Update

Florida Citrus Growers Fighting Greening with Plant Nutrition, Newer Varieties The Florida citrus industry is holding on, relying on nutritional methods and newer varieties to buy time until more effective

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Bringing Home the Gold

Local Teen, Emily Turner, Knows What it Takes to Be a Barrel Racing Champion Emily Turner has a lot of good influences in her life, and she credits those good

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Polk County’s Sweetheart

Getting to Know Polk County Cattlemen’s Association Sweetheart, Paxton Evans Each year young ladies around the state have a chance to apply for their county Cattlemen’s Association Sweetheart, where if


Florida Citrus— Solutions for Replanting or Resetting Your Grove

Citrus greening disease, also known as HLB, has impacted more than 80 percent of Florida’s citrus trees, according to UF/IFAS research. It has been present in Florida groves since 2005.