Month: August 2018

Eric Greenhow

Why bother having disability insurance?

I get it—nobody looks forward to paying their disability insurance premiums every year! It’s not exactly an exciting expense that people enjoy having to pay. However, think of the ramifications of an unexpected or tragic event occurring without this protection in place. Here’s some examples of why it’s so important. Disability insurance can protect you …

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Ben Adams, Jr.

ACS – Prepared for Anything

By Ben Adams, Jr Two months ago, the headline for this column was “The ACS Food Defense Plan.” The focus was on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the act’s most recent shoe to drop — the element dealing with “malicious contamination” or “intentional adulteration” of food and how businesses in the food supply …

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Eastern Equine Encephalitis

By Dr. Katie Hennessy “Triple E,” or EEE, is a mosquito spread virus that is spread to animals — most often to horses — and also to humans by infected mosquitoes. In horses, EEE causes inflammation or swelling of the brain and spinal cord, and in 70 to 95 percent of all cases, the disease …

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Cost Share Programs Promote Ag Conservation

By Patrck Spinosa Farmers, ranchers, and ag landowners in Florida know how important our natural resources are in running a successful operation and take their roles as environmental stewards very seriously. Increasing operational efficiencies and improving conservation and management practices can be expensive, though. Fortunately, there are programs in place that offer financial assistance to encourage …

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The Story of Agriculture

The story about agriculture, in Florida and across the nation, is a great story. It’s a story worth telling — a story with sharing with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I’m among those who think it’s important to get out the good word about agriculture to our children — if …

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Mike Roberts

Citrus Irrigation Scheduling

Citrus irrigation scheduling is a must-do for Florida citrus growers to walk that fine line between adequately irrigating their citrus groves and maintaining water conservation efforts. There are many different considerations concerning irrigation scheduling for citrus, and those factors also affect nutrition and fertilizer management, so citrus producers will want to ensure they are checking …

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John Baxter

The Benefits of Hydra-Hume

By JOHN BAXTER With water being absolutely the key resource in farming — cropland without it practically has no value — and water conservation a high priority in agriculture, a question among farmers and growers is this: “How can I get the most and best use out of every drop of water available to me?” …

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