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Sarasota County Schools Celebrate Florida Food

by MARY TOOTHMAN   In today’s dining culture —  with all the modern commonalities of fast food, frozen meals, and other quick ways to gulp down some food — young

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H.E.A.R.T. Village: A Local Organization With Global Ambitions

by TIM CRAIG   For over 30 years, sustainability has been an integral part of the H.E.A.R.T. Village, a small nonprofit tucked about a mile from the nearest paved road

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Florida’s Blueberry Harvest Recap

Solid Production Overshadowed By Falling Prices by TERES SCHIFFER Since the early 1990s, Florida has had the blueberry market cornered for a few precious weeks in late March and early

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David Weber is No Stranger to Blueberries

by DAPHNE RENELUIS   A central Florida resident since 1980, David Weber has become a staple in the central Florida blueberry industry. Weber developed an interest in blueberries and agriculture

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Q&A with Miss Florida Citrus Queen, Michaela McLean

by MARY TOOTHMAN Since Michaela Grace McLean was awarded the title of Miss Florida Citrus Queen earlier this year, her dance card has been filling up quickly. The 21-year old

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Beef Cattle Getting Genetic Makeover

by ERIKA ALDRICH photo by MARC HELLER/E&E News There’s no mistaking that The Sunshine State sees its share of hot weather, and Florida beef cattle feel the heat too. Recent


Important Reminders for Protecting Kids from Extreme Heat

by MARIA ANCHUNDIA, MD With the recent (and very early season) heat wave here in Central Florida, we wanted to share some important reminders for protecting your kids from the