Month: July 2019

High-Density Citrus Farming 

While one part of the citrus research industry is looking for ways to develop HLB-resistant trees in order to maximizing yield, another part is focused on the configuration of the groves themselves. With start-up and maintenance costs rising for growers, it may be time to look at the bigger picture — and make things a …

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Adapt and Overcome

Despite Greening, Citrus is still King in Highlands County by RACHEL CHRISTIAN Highlands County has a population of roughly 105,000 people. It’s also home to about 110,000 cattle and 8.5 million orange trees.  “I always say we have more cows than people here – and a heck of a lot more oranges than either of …

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William "Bill" Doty

Know-How for Your Landscape

by WILLIAM “BILL” DOTY July and the Florida Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge that will keep your lawn and garden looking victorious for the remainder of the summer.  Now is the time for summer fertilization of your lawn. Repairing, renovating, or planting are also good ideas. …

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Ben Adams, Jr.

Cold Chain Vulnerability

Cold chain vulnerabilities obviously receive more attention and scrutiny in the hot summer months, beginning with the trucks and carriers that transport the products from manufacturers to warehouses such as ACS or the end users. As every safe operator knows, summertime is never the time to cut corners in an effort to cut costs when …

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