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Citrus Is Hitting Heavy in the Fight Against Citrus Greening

Citrus has a long history in The Sunshine State, with Spanish explorers planting the first citrus trees in Florida in the 1500s. Early Florida citrus growers started a deep heritage,


Agritourism a Win for Florida Farmers

Florida’s year-round subtropical climate and expansive agricultural footprint place the state in a prime position for profit. Agritourism combines agriculture and tourism—the two largest industries in the state—for entertainment and


2017 Ag Census: What You Should Know

The USDA’s Census of Agriculture is completed every five years. The data is compiled and released with details about the country’s agricultural sectors. Recently, the 2017 Census of Agriculture was


Drone Technology for Citrus

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, is becoming a low-cost, essential tool for precision agriculture that can help citrus growers better manage their crop in new and


August tips for a wonderful lawn!

It’s hard to believe that it is August already!  I’ve provided some tips below that should help keep your lawn the best it can be. During this month, it’s important


Travel Safely With Your Horse

When it’s time to travel, don’t forget how your horses are going to get to your destination. Your trailer is crucial to safely getting your horses from A to B,


Not Your Mother’s Wedding

Rustic Wedding Venues Draw Couples in Rising Numbers by MARY TOOTHMAN photo by JOE LEDUC photo by TEELYN PHOTOS “Our trade secret is pretty simple: Just love people and treat


College Savings Plans Offer Tax-Friendly Way to Save for Future Education Expenses

College Savings Plans, known as “529 qualified tuition programs,” have become very popular in helping families save and prepare for their children’s higher education expenses in recent years.  However, many


Handling Food Recalls

Americans love to eat food, a lot. In a perfect world, all the food we consume is made perfectly, to the right food and safety standards, and free of any


Russell’s Supports FFA & 4-H With 10% Discount and More

One of my basic beliefs as a business owner is that businesses MUST support our local communities. And I’ll be honest, it ruffles my feathers when I see giant companies