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Ben Adams, Jr.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

By Ben Adams, Jr.   On June 1st, the Atlantic Hurricane season officially began. While that might be an afterthought for many seasoned Floridians, natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Adams Cold Storage, we literally cannot afford to be unprepared in the event of a hurricane or severe weather …

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Mike Roberts

Citrus Tristeza Virus Could be a Re-Emerging Issue for Florida Citrus Growers

by MIKE ROBERTS   Citrus Tristeza Virus was once a major citrus pathogen in Florida and outside, killing nearly 100 million trees worldwide. Citrus Tristeza Virus causes a disease called Tristeza decline, which reduces the production of citrus trees and eventually kills them, similar to citrus greening. The impact of the disease was mitigated by growing citrus scions on rootstock …

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Managing your horse in hot weather

 By Dr. Katie Hennessy Summer is almost here and along with the fun comes the heat! As the weather heats up, we need to employ a few management techniques and learn to recognize the signs of heatstroke. When assessing the management side, consider ventilation to maximize air flow, encourage water intake, coordinate exercise at the …

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Reasons Why a Farmer Needs a Lawyer

Lawyers don’t fix tractors, plant seed, or pull calves, but they are an important component of any ag operation. On the outside, agriculture seems pretty cut-and-dry: you grow a crop or you raise livestock, sell it, and start again next year. However, those in agriculture know that it’s a complex industry with many different aspects …

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Citrus and Gene Editing

By Phillip Rucks, Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery Creating a citrus-greening resistant plant has been at the forefront of agricultural research since the disease was first diagnosed in 2005. Greening has ravaged the Florida citrus crop, which has been impacted by the disease for more than a decade. This year’s USDA forecast of 86.9 million boxes …

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