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23 Jul
Mineral Nutrition More ImportantThan Ever in Citrus

Mineral nutrition is an essential part of a citrus grower’s management plan, but citrus greening has made it more important than ever. Citrus greening attacks a citrus tree’s ability to uptake and transport water and nutrients, causing poor harvests, fruit of lower quality, and the eventual death of the tree. Scientists and researchers all over

23 Jul
Finding the right boot for your Florida lifestyle

The key to finding the right boot is balancing the three C’s: construction, comfort and cost. When we’re evaluating the three C’s, I like to rank the features in three simple levels: good, better and best. Construction Here are the non-negotiables: 1. Make sure you are buying genuine cowhide. Bonded leather and man-made materials will

23 Jul
Know-How for Your Landscape

by WILLIAM “BILL” DOTY July and the Florida Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge that will keep your lawn and garden looking victorious for the remainder of the summer.  Now is the time for summer fertilization of your lawn. Repairing, renovating, or planting are also good ideas.

23 Jul
Cold Chain Vulnerability

Cold chain vulnerabilities obviously receive more attention and scrutiny in the hot summer months, beginning with the trucks and carriers that transport the products from manufacturers to warehouses such as ACS or the end users. As every safe operator knows, summertime is never the time to cut corners in an effort to cut costs when

23 Jul
Do you know what your Social Security income will be?

As you’re planning for retirement, one important step you must take is to determine how much potential income you’ll receive each month. You invest money to grow your portfolio so that one day, it will be there to generate income for you during retirement. There are many other sources of income you can take advantage

23 Jul
Tissue Sampling Offers Insight into Nutrient Supply

With the summer months in full swing, now is the best time to collect leaves for leaf tissue sampling in order to gauge how healthy your trees are, and potentially, how large the fruit will be. This will give you time to make adjustments accordingly. Considerable research by UF/IFAS and others has established leaf testing

23 Jul
Summertime Fresh From Florida Commodities

In the previous column, I discussed Florida’s super status as a “specialty crop state,” so named because it produces a wide range of about 300 agricultural commodities each year. From an ag perspective, Florida has a lot going for it, including a climate mix from the northwestern Panhandle south to the Everglades region that allows

23 Jul
What’s Growing on My Horse?

Daily observation and grooming will allow you to notice any changes in the appearance of your horse’s skin. Some growths you may notice can be squamous cell carcinoma, summer sores, granulation tissue, Pythium, warts, and sarcoids. During the summer months, pink skin is exposed to longer hours in the sun which can make it more

13 Jun
Preparing for Hurricane Season

By Ben Adams, Jr.   On June 1st, the Atlantic Hurricane season officially began. While that might be an afterthought for many seasoned Floridians, natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Adams Cold Storage, we literally cannot afford to be unprepared in the event of a hurricane or severe weather