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14 Feb
Garden Tips: Things To Do Before Spring Has Sprung

It’s February, which means it’s planting time in your garden. Get busy by putting your tender annuals in the ground now, as well as fertilize your fruit and shade trees. Before you go plant-crazy for the impending spring season, however, you’ll want to have your soil pH checked. Most plants like a pH of 5.5

14 Feb
Using IPM to Continue the Fight Against Citrus Greening

Florida citrus growers have been hoping for a “silver bullet” to take down citrus greening disease (aka HLB). However, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researcher and plant pathologist, Ozgur Batuman, shared that there isn’t one yet, and he doesn’t think there ever will be, according to a recent Citrus Industry

14 Feb
Getting the Most Health Care with the Least Worry

Last edition, Dr. Kimber Vasquez, one of our general practice physicians here at Central Florida Health Care, Inc., talked about our roots in agriculture. Since the 1972 founding of the first practice location in Frostproof, we have come a long way in helping provide affordable healthcare services for farmworkers and all of the local community

14 Feb
Pre-Purchase Examinations

A thorough examination of a potential new horse is always a great idea! Your veterinarian’s pre-purchase examination can help you to make the best decision about your prospective new equine companion. A pre-purchase examination is not a pass/fail test, nor can it predict the long term prospects and health of the horse, but it can

14 Feb
Progress in the PRW Industry

A few weeks back, I was reading an industry trade article that quoted a longtime public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) veteran about the changes he’s seen in the business since he first got into it many years ago. The way the fellow described it, PRW was a simple business way back then, “mostly pallet-in, pallet-out.” He

14 Feb
A Few Things to Remember About Potassium, an Essential Nutrient

To the everyday person, potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for physical health. What the grower knows, is this chemical element— the same one that is good for the human body— is also one of the most important nutrients for Florida citrus trees and is applied as fertilizer in the groves. On a fertilizer label,

17 Jan
Our Commitment to Providing Care for Farm Workers, Migrant Patients, and the Local Community

Agriculture has deep roots in our Central Florida community and there are many different groups that work to make agriculture one of our leading industries. Adequate healthcare is a key component in overall health and wellness and our organization was started to ensure all groups, including those in the agricultural community, have access to healthcare

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17 Jan
Prepping the Soil for Watermelons

Everyone loves the sweet, juicy treats that summertime brings in the form of watermelons. If you plan on having a healthy harvest of melons this summer, now is the time to consider your soil. Watermelons can grow well in most soils, from clay to sand, but management is key. The ideal soil for watermelon is

17 Jan
The Economy: Form Your Own Opinion

There is certainly a lot of negative news on television and on the internet these days. Notably, regarding the trade war, Chinese tariffs, the government shutdown, and the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates…just to name a few. However, going into the new year I’d encourage you to look around you and form your own opinion