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13 Jun
Florida: A True Specialty Crop State

Tens of millions of people all over the world know our great state of Florida by its very-fitting nickname, “The Sunshine State,” officially adopted by the Legislature in 1970. By comparison, it’s probably accurate to say that only a few people know Florida by its agricultural identifier. That would be “specialty crop state.” How does

13 Jun
Citrus Tristeza Virus Could be a Re-Emerging Issue for Florida Citrus Growers

by MIKE ROBERTS   Citrus Tristeza Virus was once a major citrus pathogen in Florida and outside, killing nearly 100 million trees worldwide. Citrus Tristeza Virus causes a disease called Tristeza decline, which reduces the production of citrus trees and eventually kills them, similar to citrus greening. The impact of the disease was mitigated by growing citrus scions on rootstock

13 Jun
Conditions usually ideal now for lawn planting, patching

by WILLIAM “BILL” DOTY There are two kinds of sunshine — the radiant kind and the liquid kind — and we get plenty of both this time of the year in Central Florida. If they come in the proper proportion, we have ideal conditions for grass planting and patching, tasks that leads our lawn and

13 Jun
Sulfur Can Improve Root Vigor and Hardiness

By John Baxter Even though sulfur is sometimes called a secondary nutrient, that doesn’t mean it plays a secondary role in citrus plant growth and development. Sulfur is an essential nutrient for healthy plant growth. A sulfur deficiency can have a major effect on crop production and quality because of its impact on protein synthesis,

13 Jun
Managing your horse in hot weather

 By Dr. Katie Hennessy Summer is almost here and along with the fun comes the heat! As the weather heats up, we need to employ a few management techniques and learn to recognize the signs of heatstroke. When assessing the management side, consider ventilation to maximize air flow, encourage water intake, coordinate exercise at the

13 Jun
Reasons Why a Farmer Needs a Lawyer

Lawyers don’t fix tractors, plant seed, or pull calves, but they are an important component of any ag operation. On the outside, agriculture seems pretty cut-and-dry: you grow a crop or you raise livestock, sell it, and start again next year. However, those in agriculture know that it’s a complex industry with many different aspects

13 Jun
Citrus and Gene Editing

By Phillip Rucks, Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery Creating a citrus-greening resistant plant has been at the forefront of agricultural research since the disease was first diagnosed in 2005. Greening has ravaged the Florida citrus crop, which has been impacted by the disease for more than a decade. This year’s USDA forecast of 86.9 million boxes

12 Jun
Important Reminders for Protecting Kids from Extreme Heat

by MARIA ANCHUNDIA, MD With the recent (and very early season) heat wave here in Central Florida, we wanted to share some important reminders for protecting your kids from the extreme heat.  It’s not often that it feels like the month of August and we are only in June! That being said, remember these heat

10 May
Rootstock and Citrus

By Phillip Rucks, Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery Whether you are a professional, are thinking about it, or just want fresh citrus on the weekends, when it comes to planting a citrus tree, it is important to consider the appropriate rootstock in order to maximize your investment. Luckily, the new Custom Query Option for the Citrus