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15 Sep
Insights for the family-owned operation

WHEN IT COMES to your small business, there is usually no such thing as too much analysis or planning. It’s essential to always be open and honest about the way your business is being handled by all those involved in its success. That is especially true for those family members who are given opportunities to

15 Sep
Citrus season preparedness: Harvesting and labor compliance

WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED this season in the citrus industry, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start streamlining the harvesting process. Specifically, there are tools available to make the ticketing and CitraNet process easier. Make sure that you manage your demand, crew schedules, and generate harvesting tickets in the field or on

12 Sep
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Never a day’s rest for Florida’s energy

IT’S BEEN ONE YEAR since the Florida Legislature transferred the responsibilities of the state’s Energy Office to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and I have been working closely with industry and legislative leaders to create a sustainable energy future for Florida. As soon as the department took over, we began assessing all

08 Sep
PCFB | President’s column (September 2012)

AFFORDABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND SUSTAINABILITY are all ideas that we constantly strive for in the agriculture industry. Whether it’s the goal of providing affordable food and fiber to consumers, promoting land stewardship and sensible resource management practices, or seeking innovative and effective ways to grow and sustain our economy, all are essential goals for successful farming

15 Aug
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Expanding markets for Florida agricultural products

Though the United States grows increasingly dependent on foreign countries for many necessities, we still boast a trade surplus when it comes to agriculture. The U.S. exports $8.2 billion more than we import in agricultural products. In Florida, exports of agricultural products are not only strong, but increasing. Over the past five years, overall exports

15 Aug
PCFB President’s Column: Learn about the candidates and issues

ELECTION CYCLES ARE ALWAYS critical to the future of our county, state, and nation. In the current election season, it is now more important than ever that we not only show up to the polls but are diligent in our efforts to educate ourselves on the candidates, issues, and all that is ultimately at stake.

15 Aug
How to treat a cut or skin irritation on goat or sheep

Behavioral changes in your goat or sheep sometimes can indicate a recent injury or skin laceration. To help you recognize behavioral changes, here are a few signs to look for: a decrease in feed intake; personality and social changes, such as being less responsive and isolated; and sometimes the reverse also is a sign of

15 Aug
Land management needs in the grove

As you know, there is a lot of uncertainty in the Florida citrus industry these days. Several factors have growers shaking their heads and wondering what the immediate future may hold. One specific issue is the current supply and demand for citrus nursery trees. Ensuring that your inventory is ready and at the level it