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10 May
Riding Equines at Crystal Beach Farms

by J.P. SMITH   What brought world travelers and water skiers, Rob and Carol Bemman, to settle in Polk County on Eagle Lake and establish a horse trail? Their journey to this place in time, is waft with reminiscent sights, smells, and sensory delight, of beautiful Cypress Gardens, where it is their memories that still

09 Apr
2019 Central Florida Ag Alliance Luncheon

Bringing Together Florida Agri-Business and Florida Law Enforcement to Protect the State’s Rural & Agricultural Communities by DAPHNE RENELUS We often hear quotes that emphasize the importance of coming together to accomplish a goal, but rarely do we make a conscious effort to really follow these quotes’ messages. When it comes to the value of

09 Apr
That’s a Lot of Beef

Florida Cattle & Livestock Industries Giving States Economy a Boost by TIM CRAIG Carlton Taylor, the president of the Polk County Cattlemen’s Association, leads a group of ranchers who impact the state economy in ways the general public may not readily see. Together with the state and the national association, Taylor wants to spread the

09 Apr
Putting On Horse Genes

A Look at Research Being Done to Understand Equine Genetics by MATT COBBLE Every living organism on this planet is built by a set of genes. Genes that people have been influencing (or, if you prefer, ‘encouraging strategic traits’) since Gregor Mendel first discovered them while hybridizing pea plants in the mid nineteenth century. And

09 Apr
Meet the New PCCA Sweetheart

Hannah Cline Ready for New Role to Fight for the Beef Industry by MARY TOOTHMAN Hannah Cline has her cowgirl boots on, a smile on her face, and her plans and goals set for 2019. The true-blue cowgirl is the Polk County Cattlemen’s Association’s new Sweetheart. The youngest child of Dan and Sheri Cline, she

14 Feb
Citrus is Boomin’ in 2019

Florida Citrus Volumes Rebounding in 2019 by BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Last fall, the USDA released their 2019 Citrus Forecast and predicted a nice rebound year for the state’s citrus and grapefruit industries. So far early into the 2019 crop, those predictions look to be accurate. The USDA forecast for Florida’s all orange output was set

14 Feb
Brilliant! 2019 Florida Strawberry Update

This Year’s Outlook, New Varieties, and the Future of Florida’s Strawberries by ERIKA ALDRICH Strawberries have been rising in the ranks of Florida crops over the years and have become one of the more prominent crops in The Sunshine State. Consequently, the strawberry outlook for 2018-2019 is shaping up to be a good one, and

14 Feb
Horse Hoof Health

Hoof Care Cautions & Tips for Your Equine by MARY TOOTHMAN Horse hoof care is vital to healthy, happy horses and impacts the horse’s ability to run, jump, do farm work, compete, ride trails, and interact with owners and other horses. Hooves must be tended to properly for overall good equine health. Environmental and weather

14 Feb
Meet Jammer!

Get to Know the Face of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association by JULIE GMITTER While most Florida residents (and fruit lovers from around the country) are well aware of just how sweet, red, and juicy our Florida strawberries are, they may not be familiar with Jammer – the adorable talking, singing, animated strawberry! Jammer is

17 Jan
Florida-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Tips from the Masters

by JULIE GMITTER Florida is an oasis for gardeners, farmers, and plant lovers alike, with unique species and a sunny, warm climate which is just perfect for America’s most popular pastime. Since 1979, the Florida Master Gardener Program has trained thousands of volunteers in Florida who have worked to provide nearly $10 million dollars of