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19 Jul
Polk County’s Sweetheart

Getting to Know Polk County Cattlemen’s Association Sweetheart, Paxton Evans Each year young ladies around the state have a chance to apply for their county Cattlemen’s Association Sweetheart, where if selected, they will represent their county’s cattle industry for a full year and compete in the State Cattlemen’s Sweetheart pageant that is held during the

08 Jun
Giving Florida Citrus Some Juice

Pat Schirard Becomes Newest Member of FL Citrus Commission Meet Governor Scott’s appointment to the Florida Citrus Commission, Pat Schirard. In mid-May, Governor Rick Scott appointed new member, Pat Schirard, to the Florida Citrus Commission, filling a vacant seat previously held by Lee Bouldin. Schirard’s term will span from his appointment date on May 24

08 Jun
Team BEEF Florida

Proving the Power of Beef One Race at a Time by MATT COBBLE  For a long time, beef was considered the king of meats.  A certain fast food chain once asked its competitors “where’s the beef?”  A particular grocery chain proudly proclaimed themselves as “the beef people.”  The Yeoman Warders, guards at the Tower of

08 Jun
Blueberry Season Recap

Blueberry Production Up In Spite of Environmental Obstacles by CHERYL ROGERS Environmental challenges shed some Florida blueberry growers’ hopes for an abundant crop this year, slashing anticipated yields statewide by about 30 percent.  But overall, about 20 million pounds of blueberries were picked, up from about 19 million pounds in 2017, says Brittany Lee, president

08 Jun
Horses vs Rain

Tips for Managing Your Equine’s Health During the Rainy Season by TERESA SCHIFFER  Rainy season is here in Central Florida, and for horse owners, that can mean more time in the stable and less time in the saddle. Thunderstorms, muddy fields, and mosquitoes can all mean problems for horses. So what should you do when

24 May
Living the Dream: A Woman with Many Hats and a Heart for Cattle

Dr. LuJean Waters is a big animal veterinarian making a living in what used to be a man’s profession. Just two miles from her family’s old homestead, LuJean Waters practices veterinarian medicine on large animals, including cattle, horses, sheep and goats. A 7th generation Floridian, descended from a family that migrated to the Lake Garfield

24 May
A Family Business: Emily McKenna Lassiter Grew up in the Citrus Groves

Emily McKenna Lassiter is a woman deeply dedicated to her family, and the family citrus business. She also has a strong affection for citrus groves. And no wonder; her childhood and family memories center around the groves, and now she makes her living in the business. “One of the things I love is driving down

24 May
Ag Woman Pioneer: Dr. Martha Rhodes Roberts: Advancing Florida Agriculture

Meet Dr. Martha Rhodes Roberts, a leader in Florida agriculture. Agriculture is a leading industry in Florida, and The Sunshine State’s ag industry wouldn’t be where it is today without the leadership of Dr. Martha Rhodes Roberts. With an entire career dedicated to agriculture in Florida, Dr. Roberts has long been an icon in Florida

24 May
What’s Your Ag Story

My Ag Story started very early in life, I was born and raised in the cattle industry. My family has been involved in the cattle industry in Florida for over 60 years- owning and operating Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction Market in Lakeland, Fl, while also running our cow/calf operation. I owe my knowledge of the cattle

24 May
Dr. Katie Hennessy is All Business When it Comes to Helping Animials

Katie Hennessy is an extraordinary asset to Polk County’s agricultural community. She is an equine and large animal veterinarian who operates the Polk Equine mobile clinic in Lake Wales. Hennessy is a compassionate caretaker of these great creatures with a long history of involvement with horses and other animals. Hennessy grew up in Illinois, in