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27 Nov
The Symbiotic Relationship of Plants and Soil

Nature has a specific design!  All life on Earth works together in a symbiotic relationship to serve a better purpose.  Soil contains trillions of living organisms, each with a specific role in mining minerals, processing sugars, and protecting the roots of whichever plant species is growing above them.  With such a heavy workload, life can

22 Aug
Raising A Market Hog

Tips from the Experts on Raising Market Hogs for the Annual Polk County Youth Fair Fall is almost here, and for students involved in 4H and FFA programs, that means it will soon be time to purchase livestock animals to raise for the Polk County Youth Fair. Market hogs are a popular choice in Polk, so

19 Jun
Lawn Care Tips

With the recent weather changes, stay updated on how to maintain your lawn with advice from UF/IFAS experts, and Farm and Garden business owner Bill Doty. With the weather changing so much in the last month, it’s important to know the proper way to treat your lawn, whether it is wet or dry outside.

28 Apr
Top Things To Do At An Ag Convention Near You

Don’t let boredom attack this convention season, fight back using our list of top fun things to do around your ag convention area! Spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching! With that being said, the busiest time for Florida organizations is coming up . . . ag convention season.  

28 Apr
Top Ways To Honor National Arbor Day 2017

Arbor Day is a holiday typically celebrated by planting trees either at home or in your community. Check out our short list of ways to honor National Arbor Day! National Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April every year, but states recognize Arbor Day depending on the best time to plant trees

21 Apr
Ag Literacy Day 2017

Take a drive through Florida exploring our unique aquaculture and seafood industry without ever even leaving the classroom. Once a year Florida Agriculture in the Classroom hosts an all day event entitled Ag Literacy Day. A representative of Florida Agriculture can register with an elementary school and read to as many classrooms as he or

21 Apr
Share With Us! Use #CFFarmTour and Snapchat

Central Florida Ag News would like to see what you are doing on your stops along the Farm Tour. The annual Central Florida Farm Tour will be held on April 22 from 8a.m. to 1p.m. This is a time for you to see a side of agriculture that you usually wouldn’t get to see and

21 Mar
7 Things You Can Do in Honor of National Ag Day

The day known as National Ag Day comes only once a year, but there are things you can do in the near future and all year ‘round to show your appreciation for America’s farmers. You may (or may not) know that March 21 marks the celebration of National Ag Day!  While this day only comes

03 Feb
Your backyard chicken coop checklist

Encouragement and cautions for Central Florida homeowners on starting your very own backyard chicken coop According to a UF/IFAS Pinellaas County Extension blog, “One of the latest trends in gardening is raising backyard chickens. Many people appreciate having fresh, locally grown eggs, and gardeners like chickens because they can help manage insect pests and aerate