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28 Jul
Bartow Tractor Supply store wins class award for efforts in 4-H fundraising campaign

The Bartow Tractor Supply Company (TSC) store was recently recognized for winning the “Class Champion” award for meeting the company’s goals during the 4-H/TSC Spring 2014 Paper Clover Promotion. Store employees at the Bartow TSC store had at least 20% of all transactions include a 4-H Paper Clover purchase and raised over $300 for 4-H.

18 Jan
Citrus Heritage Exhibit 5

Preserving the Future of Citrus through Environmental Stewardship The 21st century dawned on a citrus industry that was more determined than ever to preserve and sustain its cultural heritage, natural environment and ecosystems for future generations. Citrus growers continually contribute to this cause in numerous ways. 525,000 acres of Florida are used for the production

18 Jan
Citrus Heritage Exhibit 1

Traveling Back to 1513 and the Beginning of Florida Citrus To taste citrus today and to take in its fragrance is to taste history. Wherever citrus was planted, their aromatic blossoms lured the adventurous and innovative. In their fragrant scent we catch a remnant of the ancient civilizations, exploration, and discovery. Though once believed to

18 Jan
Citrus Heritage Exhibit 4

The Rise of Nutrient Application Technology and the Market for Juice When the citrus industry first began in the mid-1800s, there was limited understanding of citrus nutritional requirements. The growers and nurserymen had a basic knowledge for the need of macronutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), for healthy grove development. These were

18 Jan
Citrus Heritage Exhibit 3

A Look Back at the Roots of Citrus Variety Development and Disease Management Citrus varieties have changed through the years with intricate and thoughtful cultivation. Prior to the Great Freeze, Dr. H.J. Webber and Mr. Walter T. Swingle of the United States Department of Agriculture founded the Subtropical Laboratory at Eustis, Florida in 1892. There

18 Jan
Citrus Heritage Exhibit 2

From Past to Present: Environmental Stewardship through Irrigation Methods and Cold Protection The northeastern citrus production never fully recovered from the Great Freeze of 1894-95 and during their rehabilitation another damaging freeze occurred in 1899. The crippling devastation forced growers to relocate to Central Florida and southward, seeking out warmer climates in what is known

24 Oct
Florida Blueberries on TV!

Blueberry fans may be interested in a recent TV segment from the Florida Channel that focused on the history of the University of Florida Blueberry Breeding Program, as well as those of a couple other major commodities produced in the state: