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Ways to use Florida Strawberries in the Health and Beauty Field

Fresh from Florida Strawberries are known as Florida’s favorite winter berry!   The sweet, juicy, red berry is one that attracts visitors from all over. Did you know they can be


What statistics say about the ‘agrilifestyle’

WHEN THE FOLKS from Central Florida Ag News told me that this was the magazine’s annual “AgriLiving” issue, I thought to myself: “I sure have been ‘agriliving’ for quite a


Publisher Letter: Happy birthday to Central Florida Media Group — and ‘Thank you!’

IT WAS FIVE YEARS AGO this month that I filed for Central Florida Media Group’s federal ID number. That’s the number the government assigns to each incorporated business, and with


From the Editor’s Desk: More great agri-events coming soon

BETWEEN THE FAIRS and festivals, as well as the trade shows, educational courses, meetings, and more, we wanted to do an expanded calendar for this edition to give you a


Editor’s Blog: Ag Literacy Day is coming!

The Youth in Ag edition is here! This is always one of my favorite editions to put together. All of the smiling faces are reason enough to relish in these


Publisher Letter: The journey has just begun

This month marks the third anniversary of Central Florida Media Group. Three years ago last month, as I packed up boxes and took down 24 years worth of plaques, awards


Editor’s Blog: Helping Out at the Lightsey Ranch

For this edition of Central Florida Ag News, I had the pleasure of visiting Lightsey Cattle Company and meeting some of the Lightsey family. Cary and Lane Lightsey (brothers and


Publisher Letter: Another Great Year of Telling the Florida Agriculture Story

Another year has come and gone for Florida agriculture, and despite the uncertain hurdles ahead, we’re working to turn our challenges into opportunities.


Publisher Letter: Adding a New ‘Layar’ to Our Print Media

At Central Florida Media Group, we’re constantly thinking about and looking for better ways to connect with our advertisers and readers. We also recognize that for print media to thrive


Editor’s Blog: The Heights We Go to Bring You Something Truly Unique

At Central Florida Media Group, we’re very fortunate to have an incredibly talented and committed team. Every member (whether employed or contributing staff) works to make Central Florida Ag News