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Study results shed light on agriculture’s economic significance

| The Polk Agriculture Economic Impact Study reveals ag as an economic pillar | NEARLY HALF of Polk County’s land remained in farm use in 2012, although acreage declined nearly 17 percent the preceding decade. “The traditional industries of production agriculture and mining have been gradually declining over the last ten years,” according to a …

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Publisher Letter: The local economy and agriculture’s major impact

YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD me say before that agriculture is one of the “sweet spots” of Florida’s economy. As an economic powerhouse, the state’s agriculture industry is a multibillion-dollar trade, supporting jobs for many of our residents across all of its 67 counties.

New uses for old crops

| Eucalyptus, sugar cane and other crops get an agritechnology makeover | In Frostproof, Phillip Rucks Nursery is growing half a million Eucalyptus trees. Although Eucalyptus trees currently are marketed for garden mulch, the fast-growing hardwood is poised for a potential broad new market — as biomass for an electricity-generating facility.