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Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference showcases renewed optimism

WHILE GREAT CHALLENGES continue to beset the Florida citrus industry, a greater sense of optimism could be found among the growers and state officials who attended the 2016 Florida Citrus


Sacrifice today for a better tomorrow

THE THOUGHT in the headline, and the timeless wisdom behind it, came to mind a few weeks ago when I first heard about the vote on the matter of reauthorizing


Keeping the wheels in motion for the CRDF

Florida Citrus Mutual encourages growers to vote ‘Yes’ FROM NOW until February 11, 2016, citrus growers have the opportunity to vote on the continuation of the CRDF — the Citrus


HLB Report: Attacking the Problem on Three Fronts

Scientists Get Creative to Come up with Manageable Solutions to Citrus Disease There’s no cure yet for citrus greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB), but researchers are learning a lot more about