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Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Century Pioneer Family Farms

SINCE THE ARRIVAL of European explorers in the 1500s, agriculture has played a critical role in the in the history and growth of our state. Today, Florida agriculture helps to


Leaders must be a signature crop

How the Legacy Leadership program is helping ensure the future of Florida agriculture WE KNOW HOW to grow things in Florida — oranges, blueberries, coleus, you name it. Fortunately, we


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Planting the seeds for growth in the Florida ag industry

Florida agriculture has played an important role in Florida’s 500-year history, providing food and fiber for the people of Florida, the United States and around the world. Today, Florida agriculture


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Water conservation and resources update

Florida’s future depends on access to a reliable supply of fresh water. While we’re surrounded by seas and receive abundant rainfall, in some regions during certain times of the year,


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: From the war to the woods for wounded veterans

There are 3.4 million veterans in America with a service-connected disability, and more and more are coming home wounded every day. Soldiers who once fought for their country are now