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Inviting the public to come out and have fun on the farm

POSITIVE PUBLIC AWARENESS is a significant aspect of agriculture today. In fact, I would say that the issue of public awareness is almost as important today as repairing our soils’


Making rural land ownership simple for the land lover

WITH THIS BEING the AgriTourism and Recreation edition of Central Florida Ag News, I thought it would be a good time to talk about our Rural Land and Home Loans,


Publisher Letter: A video worth sharing

Every once in a while, we watch a commercial that is more than just a marketing ploy meant to try and get us to buy something. They are diamonds in


Editor’s Blog: Helping Out at the Lightsey Ranch

For this edition of Central Florida Ag News, I had the pleasure of visiting Lightsey Cattle Company and meeting some of the Lightsey family. Cary and Lane Lightsey (brothers and


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: From the war to the woods for wounded veterans

There are 3.4 million veterans in America with a service-connected disability, and more and more are coming home wounded every day. Soldiers who once fought for their country are now